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Gaëlle of @supergaelle in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

The Selina Blouse: the tester makes Part I: modern & historybounding!

What time is it?  Tester makes time! It’s the best part of pattern releases: where you get to see how a bunch of fabulous sewers interpreted the pattern. Testers help make a pattern perfect, by pointing out any bits in the instructions that are a bit confusing, and by helping me refine the fit so it works as well as possible on as many bodies as possible. I mentioned that there were a lot of exciting Selina Blouse tester makes, and I am not kidding!  In fact, there’s so many makes that I’m going to be doing two tester posts. Here’s the first one: all the testers who styled their Selina Blouses with modern clothes or as historybounding. Here are the tester makes! Gaëlle of @supergaelle I’m in love with the fun floral print that Gaëlle used on her Selina Blouse, and the way she highlighted the collar and placket detailing with trim. Her photos are a great example of how fabulous the blouse looks with trousers.  Am I going to copy this look in …