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The Selina Blouse: the tester makes Part I: modern & historybounding!

Gaëlle of @supergaelle in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

What time is it?  Tester makes time!

It’s the best part of pattern releases: where you get to see how a bunch of fabulous sewers interpreted the pattern.

The Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Testers help make a pattern perfect, by pointing out any bits in the instructions that are a bit confusing, and by helping me refine the fit so it works as well as possible on as many bodies as possible.

I mentioned that there were a lot of exciting Selina Blouse tester makes, and I am not kidding!  In fact, there’s so many makes that I’m going to be doing two tester posts.

Here’s the first one: all the testers who styled their Selina Blouses with modern clothes or as historybounding.

Here are the tester makes!

Gaëlle of @supergaelle

I’m in love with the fun floral print that Gaëlle used on her Selina Blouse, and the way she highlighted the collar and placket detailing with trim.

Gaëlle of @supergaelle in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Her photos are a great example of how fabulous the blouse looks with trousers.  Am I going to copy this look in my wardrobe?  Absolutely!

Gaëlle of @supergaelle in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Gaëlle made View A in Size 42, graded down to Size 40 in the hips.  She’s petite, so she shortened both the bodice and sleeves 2cm.  Check out her IG for more cute photos.

Myrthe of @atelier.nostalgia and Atelier Nostalgia

Myrthe’s take on styling the Selina is totally different to Gaëlle’s, but I’m equally enamoured of it.

Myrthe of @ateliernostalgia in the Scroop Selina Blouse

Super crisp shirting Selina and super full circle skirt?  Yes please!

Myrthe of @ateliernostalgia in the Scroop Selina Blouse

You could wear this into the office any day!

Myrthe of @ateliernostalgia in the Scroop Selina Blouse

Myrthe made View A in Size 34, and lengthened the sleeves 1” as she’s tall.

Megan of @boldly_sews

There are a lot of 1910s blouses that have different coloured front panels.  Megan gave her version of the Selina a more modern twist on that look, with a mauve central panel that matches the mauve stripes of the rest.

Megan of @boldly_sew in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Megan’s blouse really shows how fun stripes are with the peplum.

Megan of @boldly_sew in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Megan made View A in Size 50.  She lengthen the sides and back of the bodice 1”, and the front an additional two inches using the 1910s style FBA alternative suggested in the  Fitting and Adjustments manual.


Robescherie is going to appear in both Selina tester round-up posts, because she liked the pattern so much she made three versions!@Robescherie in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Here’s her black version of the Selina shown with a sexy pencil skirt…


@Robescherie in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

And with a black skirt as Edwardian mourning wear.

@Robescherie in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Perfect both ways!

Robescherie made View A in Size 40, with adjustments to the peplum following the alterations and fitting guide given in the pattern.

Astrid of @astridpiepschyk

I wasn’t sure how the Selina would look in stripes, but Astrid’s version has me convinced.  The Selina is gorgeous in stripes!

Astrid of @AstridPiepschyk in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

Not only is her stripe matching perfection, Astrid took a lot of care to get the Selina to fit exactly to her liking, and it shows!

Astrid of @AstridPiepschyk in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

She made View B in Size 40 front, 38 back, and 40 peplum.  She lengthened the arms by 10cm, and the overall bodice by 5cm, and added an extra 2cm to the front bodice length in a period-accurate FBA.    All the adjustments are covered in the Fitting and Adjustments document that comes with the Selina.

And last, but definitely, definitely not least…

Nina of @ninavirgo  

Nina was both a tester and a model!  She made her Selina, and the Eastbourne trousers she’s wearing it with.

The Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

I love how the Selina is almost historical with the Eastbournes, but also totally modern.

Nina of @ninavirgo in The Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

To give her Selina a modern fit, Nina lengthened it by 1”, and graded out from a Size 46 in the bust to a Size 50 in the peplum, to give the peplum a relaxed fit.

Thank you to all the awesome testers! I am incredibly grateful for your input!

And check back in for the next tester post, where I show off all the historical versions of the Selina Blouse...


  1. nofixedstars says

    i adore the blouse in all-black! really lovely. and i agree, the striped version was delightful. they all turned out so well—i am glad you are showing many tester makes. really inspiring.

    and may i give special mention to the eastbourne trousers, which are simply fabulous?! especially with the selina blouse.

  2. I especially like the crisper ones with the full collar options! Myrthe’s blue one is fabulously crisp indeed.
    But now that I’ve seen stripes, I also can’t get the idea of light blue stripes out of my head… I’ve been dreaming of a blouse in a fabric like that for several years now… we used to have a fabric like that in the stash but there was only enough of it for some patchwork so that’s what it became, and that has been it, so far. 😀
    And somehow I’m also picturing my mother in this (the non-collared option), just like with the Robin. Huh. I’m not entirely sure whether it really is her style, unlike with Robin, but I can just see her in it!

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