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The Black Friday Pattern Roundup

Is your Indie Pattern company running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale? Let me know!

Get excited! I’m going to be doing a round-up of ALL the indie pattern companies that are doing sales between November 20-30.  It will be your one-stop shop for finding out all the amazing sales that will be on in the next week. I was inspired to do this because I’ve realised that most of the indie pattern sale round-ups don’t include historical & vintage based indie pattern lines (which is very sad – they were basically the original indie patterns!).  Plus many of them charge indie pattern companies to be included on their list.  As an indie pattern designer, I know how hard you have to work for every dollar you earn.  I thought it would a free, all-inclusive list would be a nice service I could offer back to the sewing and pattern designing community. Know an indie pattern company planning to run a sale? Let me know through my contact form here, or through my page messages on Facebook, or through the @scrooppatterns PM on Instagram.  Or, just leave a comment with …