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Is your Indie Pattern company running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale? Let me know!

The Black Friday Pattern Roundup

The Black Friday Pattern RoundupGet excited!

I’m going to be doing a round-up of ALL the indie pattern companies that are doing sales between November 20-30.  It will be your one-stop shop for finding out all the amazing sales that will be on in the next week.

I was inspired to do this because I’ve realised that most of the indie pattern sale round-ups don’t include historical & vintage based indie pattern lines (which is very sad – they were basically the original indie patterns!).  Plus many of them charge indie pattern companies to be included on their list.  As an indie pattern designer, I know how hard you have to work for every dollar you earn.  I thought it would a free, all-inclusive list would be a nice service I could offer back to the sewing and pattern designing community.

Know an indie pattern company planning to run a sale?

Let me know through my contact form here, or through my page messages on Facebook, or through the @scrooppatterns PM on Instagram.  Or, just leave a comment with all the info!

If you’re a pattern line and want to be on the list, please include:

  • A link to the sale advertisement OR
    • when the sale starts
    • what the discount is
    • when you want me to make the info public (if you’re the owner of the pattern line and haven’t announced the sale yet).
  • A link to where to buy the patterns


Inclusion on the list is free!

As long as any part of the sale falls between the 20th & 30th of Nov, and meets the perimeters below, I’ll include it.

I’ll try to get any info sent to me added within 24 hours of it being sent.

The preliminary list will go live tomorrow morning. I’ll keep adding to it throughout the 10 day period.

Inclusion in the list is totally at my discretion.  Because this is my website, and I need to set some perimeters to keep it from getting too crazy, I’m not going to include the following:

  • Pattern lines that are totally Ebay/Etsy/Etc based.  The pattern line needs to be sold through their own website, or one specialising in sewing patterns.
  • Vintage/historical lines that are totally reproduction based, with no original designs.
  • Pattern lines that engage in unethical business practices (a call that is totally up to me).

The Scroop Miramar top

And is this a hint that there might be a Scroop Patterns sale…maybe!


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