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1910s evening gowns

An Edwardian Evening Gown Interlude II: a touch of modern

Here are more photos from my Edwardian evening gown photoshoot with Theresa.  These ones are by our friend Daniil @dmanww, who is seriously the most amazing person ever.  He’s always ready to help with anything, including a photoshoot.  Sometimes behind the camera, sometimes in front of it:  Daniil has also modelled for me! We took most of these photos at the memorial at the Basin Reserve, the old Wellington Cricket grounds.  It was hard to keep out all the modern additions and architecture around the memorial out of the photos.  After realising how much that limited our angles, we stopped trying to be strictly historical.  It was fun mixing it up, with shots of selfies, and 1970s grandstands in the background. What do you think?  Should we try to keep it as plausibly period as possible, or is an interesting photo good even if it’s very anachronistic? Other Theresa photoshoots include: ca. 1880 (one and two) 17th & 18thc yellow (one, two and three) hoopskirts (one, two, and three) Regency (one, two & hair), and …

Claire in the Laurel dress

This is the fabulous Claire of ‘Well, I used to be a lady’ in the Laurel Dress.  I didn’t manage to get that many pictures of her because she had to leave earlier than most of the other models. The lighting was a bit problematic, but the images look wonderful in sepia.

A little bit of loveliness

I did a talk for a conference on Saturday and it was AMAZING. Afterwards, the models and I went out into the park next to the venue and had a photoshoot, which was soooo much fun. And then I went home, had some time with Mr D, had a nap, got up, and went dancing.  Perfect day. Anyway, here is a sneak peek of  images from the photoshoot.  I’ll be sharing more throughout the week, including individual model photoshoots, and as they come in from the various photographers cameras. The raspberry swirl gown got its first showing ever at this event, though I need to finish the bertha. There were four different cameras in use, so a great deal of interactions and formal and informal posing was captured. I mainly got formal, posed, images of single models, but I love the shots that other photographers got of groupings. In addition to the dresses I made, Madame O wore her sapphire dress, and we paired a vintage 1940s nightie from her collection with a vintage 30s …