A little bit of loveliness

I did a talk for a conference on Saturday and it was AMAZING.

Afterwards, the models and I went out into the park next to the venue and had a photoshoot, which was soooo much fun.

And then I went home, had some time with Mr D, had a nap, got up, and went dancing.  Perfect day.

Anyway, here is a sneak peek of  images from the photoshoot.  I’ll be sharing more throughout the week, including individual model photoshoots, and as they come in from the various photographers cameras.

10 beauties on a bridge

The raspberry swirl gown got its first showing ever at this event, though I need to finish the bertha.

Elisabeth as the picture of demure perfection

There were four different cameras in use, so a great deal of interactions and formal and informal posing was captured.

Chiara and Elisabeth show off their skirts

Claire personifies loveliness in the laurel dress

I mainly got formal, posed, images of single models, but I love the shots that other photographers got of groupings.

Multi-period fabulosity

Lisa as a Regency trendsetter

Rachael rocks the 1920s Vionnet frock

In addition to the dresses I made, Madame O wore her sapphire dress, and we paired a vintage 1940s nightie from her collection with a vintage 30s robe from mine to illustrate a point.

Hortense as a rose among roses

I love the different ways the fabric has ben gathered and draped in this image - it really shows the changes in fashion

Shell among the irises in Japonisme - look at her figure!

Mme Poiret amidst exotic greenery, looking very French and 1913

Madame O photographing the beautiful ladies

Chiara, as always, was beyond fabulous in the robe a la francaise

Is Vanessa not just stunning?

At the end of the photoshoot I had the ridiculous idea that we should all get an obligatory wedding ‘jump’ shot.

Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not the one in stays or hoopskirts!



There must be a fabric sale on!


  1. That was awesome. I liked how everyone jumped in the end. Lol.

  2. HAHAH!! I love what the robe a la francaise did when Chiara jumped! Just as well it wasn’t a regular occurence in 1785 😉

  3. I can see Chiara’s ankles…oh my! 😉

    Love the photos, and the Botanical Gardens are the perfect setting. Now I need to find someone in Melbourne who will let me wear a period costume and be photographed — I’m totally jealous.

  4. Lucca says

    haha I recognize this place 😉 It’s the gardens beside the Lower Hutt Horticultural hall and council buildings right? All of them look absolutely fabulous!

  5. It looks like a live version of when you get the sketches showing fashion through the ages.

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