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The NZSEHR 2019 in 1360s Medieval gowns

Medieval Madness

My local historical sewing group has been setting a loose theme for every year, so that we all end up with a costume from a period, to wear to events together. In 2018 we did Regency, and wore it at our first Sew & Eat Historical Retreat. Our 2019 theme was Medieval, and boy did we have fun! I already had the 1360s dress that I made back in 2015 (was it really that long ago!), so I got to be a lady of leisure and not sew anything Medieval (instead I made Augusta Stays all year long!) But I still helped. Nina & Priscilla used the same wool for their dresses, a heathered brown which we dyed yellow, using slightly different dyes for each of them to achieve different hues. (side note: look at Nina’s beautiful buttons!) We draped the frocks in our sewing meet ups, and they sewed the gowns all year long, working on sleeve fit and gore placement, and making accessories. Hvitr made her beautiful black & white twill gown based …

Dragon bread

The NZ Sew & Eat Historical Retreat 2019: A Medieval Feast

I’m in the midst of planning an 8 course historical-meets-Hawai’i* Christmas Eve feast, so it seems like the perfect time to blog about some of the food we ate on our Sew & Eat Historical Retreat 2019**. The food was so amazing, and I have so many photos, I’m breaking it into two posts: one just on our Medieval feast, and one on the rest of the food. Nina was the mastermind of the Medieval feast: researching recipes, and orchestrating the cooking. I just contributed a few ideas and ingredients and chopped and assembled dishes and instructed. And Nina & Hvitr were responsible for the real showpiece of the night. Making it had been my idea, but I skived off and took photos while they made it (although I did make the emergency flour run to the grocery store 30ks down a small country road that made it possible). Menu: Mashed Peas Asparagus Breney (non-alcoholic version) Wild Rabbit & Barley Salad with Caramelised Russet Apples Purple carrots with ginger Not based on an exact recipe, …