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Things I love, love love

1) You guys.  This song is for you.  Listen closely at the 1:20 mark. Now that’s love! 2) Avalanche City. All of their songs are so fabulously adorable. I love this music video. Can you imagine the production meeting? “Let’s have penguins” Manager “Penguins are good” “Yeah, and polar bears!” Manager: “OK, penguins and polar bears…” “And pirates!” Manager “Pirates?” “Yeah, pirates! And a dirigible” Manager “sigh….” (this works best if you say it in a Lilo voices)


Lady Caitlyn and I were talking about batflies last night. Well, more accurately, I was telling her everything I know about batflies, which all comes from this song: I love it!  It has the best lines ever: “I won’t/see you/later/be/cause/I am /blind” And best yet, the puppet makers and prop makers are all here in Wellington.  I even know some of them.  I love all the fabulous creativity in this city!