Things I love, love love

1) You guys.  This song is for you.  Listen closely at the 1:20 mark. Now that’s love!

2) Avalanche City. All of their songs are so fabulously adorable. I love this music video.

Can you imagine the production meeting?

“Let’s have penguins”
Manager “Penguins are good”
“Yeah, and polar bears!”
Manager: “OK, penguins and polar bears…”
“And pirates!”
Manager “Pirates?”
“Yeah, pirates! And a dirigible”
Manager “sigh….”

(this works best if you say it in a Lilo voices)


  1. Oh I finally had a lookie and a listen, how delightful! Both gorgeous songs but I can’t hear on this laptop what he promises to do about the addiction! I’m sure it is fabulous!
    And really, if I were a penguin captured by pirates, I’d want a dirigible to float past too. Wouldn’t we all? Makes perfect sense hehehe.

  2. I found the lyrics online. They are so beautiful they made me cry. I am such a sop!

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