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Thoughts on late 18th century pet-en-l’aire trimmings

In preparation for the upcoming High Tea charity fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House I’m trimming my Indienne chintz pet-en-l’aire. I’ve dyed pretty new rayon and cotton ribbons (the closest I could get to silk) to replace the nasty synthetic ones on the front, and am figuring out how to do the ruffled trim. Earlier mid-18th century pet-en-l’aires, like this yellow example, have pinked ruffle trim: But later 18th century examples, the era I am aiming for, have flatter trim that is finished or turned on the edges: I’m trying to figure out exactly how the ruffles are made.  I have 3.5 options to make the ruffles shown in the examples above: Option 1:  The ruffles are cut in strips more than 2x the width of the ruffles, the sides are folded back and overlapped in the middle, and then the ruffles are sewn down, with the raw edges hidden on the middle underside of the ruffles. Option 2: The ruffles are cut in strips the width of the ruffles, plus turning allowance, and then the …

Historical Hijinks

Every time I do a photoshoot I end up with a few darling, hilarious, and quite-unserious photos.  It’s just impossible for my friends and models to be entirely straightfaced about the whole business of putting on mad period clothes and posing in public settings. Here are my favourite out-takes from the photoshoot with Theresa.  They are mostly of Theresa: either I was being very serious that day, or she never aimed the camera at the moments when I was goofing off!

Sitting pet-y

Remember how I told you there are a LOT of of good photos from the photoshoot Theresa and I had at the old Dominion Museum?  Yeah.  I wasn’t kidding! This is one of my favourites from the whole shoot.  There is something about her mouth and eyes that really reminds me of a Gainsborough: The whole series is pretty spectacular though, both standing in front of the windows, and sitting on the windowsill.