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Historical Hijinks

Every time I do a photoshoot I end up with a few darling, hilarious, and quite-unserious photos.  It’s just impossible for my friends and models to be entirely straightfaced about the whole business of putting on mad period clothes and posing in public settings.

Here are my favourite out-takes from the photoshoot with Theresa.  They are mostly of Theresa: either I was being very serious that day, or she never aimed the camera at the moments when I was goofing off!


  1. word-detective.comI love Milady cocking a snook!

    That’s a great expression, so I Googled it. I had always thought of it as ‘making long bacon’, thanks to Stanley Holloway, but I was wrong – ‘making long bacon’ involves the use of both hands!


    For those of you who like that sort of thing.

  2. The fourth is my favourite: it made me laugh out loud.

    And thanks to Lynne for the English terms for it. 🙂 It’s called “making a long nose” in Czech. Regardless of number of hands used. 😉

  3. Thrilled that I made someone LOL. It’s delightful being a model for Leimomi, something that I hope I get to do again sooner rather than later.

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