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The White Zombie dress is motion

At the end of the first day of filming the White Zombie inspired PorcelainToy music video I asked Elizabeth if she would do a quick photoshoot with me against the greenscreen.  These are the result.  As a result, I am madly in love with the dress, and madly envious of how gorgeous Elizabeth is.      

White Zombie: on set

Being on set for White Zombie was fascinating.  I have tons of theatre experience: I’ve costume and dressing for ballets and operas and plays and other live performances, but this was the first film I’ve worked on. It was pretty much what I expected in most cases, but fabulous. I expected that there would be moments of rushed panic (“can you just take in the lapels 3/4″ before the next shot?”) and lots of time sitting around waiting to be needed. I gathered that unlike a stage play, there wouldn’t be an absolute schedule – the order in which scenes were shot got rearranged a little to suit makeup and hair, and if we ran ahead or behind schedule we just did the next thing, or tried to prep for the next.  With a play you have to start at a certain time! What I didn’t really realise was how much time lighting would take.  That was really the most time consuming thing of the whole day – more time was spent on it than …