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Rate the Dress: Pink Aesthetic Tea Gown

This week’s Rate the Dress is a tea gown in the aesthetic style which combines the comfort and (relative) ease of wear that was originally supposed to be the point of a tea gown, with the luxurious fabrics and whimsical use of trim and design features that came to be the defining characteristic of a tea gown.

Tea Gown, House of Worth (French, 1858—1956), ca. 1910, French, silk, rhinestones, metal, Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2009.300.3277

Rate the Dress: a Worth tea gown for the wealthiest woman

I gave you an extra few days for Rate the Dress, because last week’s was so late. And I’m still feeling very rushed and busy, so have picked a Rate the Dress that’s all about relaxing, albeit in the poshest way possible. Last Week: an 1860s fancy dress Last week’s Rate the dress was fancy in a different way to this weeks: fancy dress, rather than fancy, fancy. But what we could see of the trim and construction was also quite fancy: indicating a very well made, high quality item, for a client with money to spend on a one-off costume. But that didn’t translate to likes: the ratings were all over the place, from 2 to 10. The final result? The Total: 6.4 out of 10 Personally, I have a sneaking suspicion it would have rated much higher if we could have seen how it was worn: fully accessorised and styled. This week: a tea gown by the House of Worth Tea gowns were always status symbols: the Victorian & Edwardian versions of designer jeans …