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Rate the Dress: a tea gown with attitude

Today was a public holiday in New Zealand (Waitangi Day).  Most people took a four day weekend, so it’s thrown my usual scheduling out.  So apologies for the slightly belated Rate the Dress.  To make up for it, I’ve picked a VERY exciting Rate the Dress: a relatively unknown 1890s Pingat tea gown (probably) that caused quite a stir when I shared it on Instagram earlier this week. Last week: a ca. 1820 dress re-made from 18th century chiné a la branche I’m on a Rate-the-dress roll!  Once again, the majority of you loved the frock, though there were a few caveats.  The two main complaints were about the wide sleeves, the sleeve trim, and the muted colours.  Wider, more relaxed sleeves were often a feature of late 1810s fashions.  Chiné, by its nature, is muted, and this was a particularly restrained example. The Total: 8.7 out of 10 Not quite as good as the week before, but still a very good score indeed. This week: A c. 1892 Pingat ‘tea dress’ or tea gown Since some …

Tea times two

Here are a few more photos from the Afternoon Tea fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House.   There is a funny story behind why I am posting these photos involving certain people thinking that the gorgeous Rachel (who is wearing Japonisme, which I almost always wear) was me, because I didn’t post any photos of me.  Flattering as that is, I thought I’d best post some of me to clear up any confusion!

Afternoon tea at the Coronation Cafe

Today I gave a talk on the interaction between tea and fashion at an afternoon tea charity fundraiser for Ronald McDonald house. It was held at the Coronation Cafe at the Museum of Wellington City and Sea – a charming venue themed around a display of reproduction British crown jewels made for the New Zealand centennial.  We had tea, I talked, we visited with guests, lots of photos were taken, and a lovely time was had by all. Many thanks to the wonderful Daniil for being the photographer!