The HSF: Challenge #1: Bi/Tri/Quadri/Quin/Sex/Septi/Octo/Nona/Centennial

The first official challenge in the Historical Sew Fortnightly is Bi/Tri/Quadri/Quin/Sex/Septi/Octo/Nona/Centennial: due midnight, 14 Jan NZT.

In this challenge I’m asking you to sew something that would have been worn in  __13, whether it be 1913, 1613, or 13BC.

Poiret Oriental gown, Spring 1913. Sold at the Doyle couture auction, November 1999.

Poiret Oriental gown, Spring 1913. Sold at the Doyle couture auction, November 1999.

As it is often hard to precisely date historical garments, and we don’t toss our clothes at the end of every year, aim for a garment that would not have been noticeable out-of-date for the type of garment and the person wearing it in _13.  For example, a lower class apron from 1813 might look much the same as one from 1805, but a Parisian evening gown from 1905 would have been terribly outdated in 1913.

When you are done, post a link to your photos or blog post in the comments, or in the event photo album on Facebook.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Some inspiration to get you started.

What am I making?  This:

Fashion plate featuring a dress made of Kashmiri shawls, 1812

Fashion plate featuring a dress made of Kashmiri shawls, 1812

You can follow along with my progress on the portfolio page.

See what everyone else made in the Facebook Album.


    • Hi Anna,

      Yes, that’s right! Aim to be done by the 14th, but I don’t mind if the photos are a bit late. Lovely pockets, a wonderful first challenge!

      • Thanks so much, and thanks for the clarification! And for putting this whole thing on….it gives me a great excuse when I don’t want to hang out with certain people…”oh, no, I’m sorry…I’m part of this sewing challenge and I have a deadline tonight…” Haha.

  1. Delighted to report I’m done with another waistcoat, but even better, I found its ancestor!
    It’s probably better for 1813 than the year it will be worn in, which is kind of funny.I felt bad about flexing the date for the HSF, only to discover it’s probably more likely that I should worry about where it will be worn. Such is historical sewing…thank goodness menswear changes slowly!

    • Yay! I actually like that you embraced the idea of something that might be worn for decades. And that you got the reference in the write-up heading 😉

      • It really worked out so well for me. I’ve still got a ton of stuff to do before the middle of June, but it’s a huge relief to have this foundation taken care of so fast. 😀

        Ha! I noticed that when I first started reading your site! I actually haven’t watched the TV show much, but before TV it was on the radio and I’m a huge OTR buff. There are another couple of radio shows he starred in, too. His delivery is so distinctive.

  2. Tonya Clevenger says

    Hi, Thinking about joing in here…question: would hats be acceptable? I hand sew all my hats..

    Thank you

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