The HSF: Challenge #6: Stripes

The stripe is one of the oldest patterns, appearing in the earliest textile fragments and visual records of garments, and it has never gone out of style since.

The Historical Sew Fortnightly at the

Join the Historical Sew Fortnightly heroine and sew up some stripes!

Will you go for grand baroque stripes, pastel rococo stripes, severe neoclassical stripes, elaborately pleated and bustled Victorian stripes, carefree 20’s stripes, or something else entirely?

I particularly like stripes for their simplicity and the optical illusions they can create.


  1. Wish I had found these challenges sooner. Don’t know if I can finish by the deadline, but trying is better than nothing!
    Grace e

    • I decided to start a blog(yep pretty random idea) so if its okay I would rather have that linked to than my livejournal I listed in my first comment here.

      grace e

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