Shell in the shell-coloured corset

One week to Dr Sketchy!

To get you excited about it, here are some photos of Shell in the nougat corset from the undergarment photoshoot at Emily’s.

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  1. Nelly says:

    Love it oh the talent you have that I so want xxx

  2. Really beautiful corset, the trim around the top edge, is it pom poms,? What are the shoulder straps, what are they made of?

    • The trim around the top edge is a heavy crocheted lace. I linked to a post where I’ve taken close-up images of it, and if you click on the images it links to larger photos of the lace, where you can see the shell pattern on the edge of the lace.

      The shoulder straps are a vintage chemise from my collection – it has a lace yolk, and then a fine cotton body.

  3. It’s beautiful, it looks so authentic!
    And I’m all excited and nowhere to go. *sigh*

  4. Also, in your old post about the nougat corset you link to the “Personification” post and the link doesn’t work. This post:

  5. Kathy P says:

    “The Corset Formerly Known as Nougat”?
    I love how this fits her. Sooo lovely.

  6. Aija says:

    It’s really beautiful.
    Is this a straight fronted/s-bend figure corset? If so, I’m interested if it really affects your posture? It doesn’t seem to, in the pictures. Does it make your back hurt? At least in all the books they say that the straight fronted corsets were really bad for your back.

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