Felicity & fish

Felicity has cute eating habits.

For the most part, she’s only interested in cat food. She turns up her nose at all human food, no matter how tempting it seems. Salmon, both canned and fresh, steak, chicken, bacon, venison, cream: all sorts of seemingly delicious tidbits have been offered to her, and rejected. You can leave any food on the counter at our house and know it will be untouched when you return

With one exception.

Felicity loves tuna.

Amazingly, her love of tuna includes both fresh yellowfin tuna imported from Fiji, various canned tunas, and dried & flavoured Japanese tuna seasonings.

If it’s tuna, she’s all over it. And, unfortunately, all over us as we try to eat it.

Of course, she’s so darn cute that a lot of the time we give in and give her some!




  1. Ah, this rings a bell! Our cats apparently love cod. They will swallow a pill without objections if it’s hidden inside a piece of cod fillet (inside a tiny cut into a cod fillet, true, but still). It runs in the family.
    They haven’t shown interest in other sorts of (canned) fish as far as I can recall. But this time, against our habits, we had canned cod fillets. When I opened the can, Yksi wanted them. (Kaksi might have wanted them, too, but only Yksi happened to be indoors – she’s The Penetrator.)
    I couldn’t indulge her, because at that point it was already mixed with other ingredients so very unsuitable for cats. But that cute part also rings a bell.
    You can tell Felicity that she’s looking so darn cute in that second photo.

  2. D’awww, Felicity! I want to ooja-squooja her soft fuzzy belly.

    also, our cats (Kaylee and Jayne) will cheerfully mug us for tuna or anything else we’re having that looks interesting. for example, Kaylee licks the marmite off toast, and Jayne eats broccoli. they’re our little om-nom-nom-nivores.

    • Her belly is very ooja-squooja worthy isn’t it! Everyone but Felicity thinks so 😉

      I’ve known cats to eat broccoli, but marmite is pretty brave. Even I am scared of marmite!

  3. Ooja squoojaing Felicity’s belly will earn you a perfect armlet of little red weals caused by four paws simultaneously rising and digging into your forearm. Interesting, as she hasn’t yet worked out that this makes it harder to move one’s hand away, not easier. She is very cute but not always so smart… 😉

    • If you ooja squooja her belly I’m really not sure if Felicity is as interested in getting rid of your hand as she is in inflicting maximum revenge – so maybe not so dumb after all!

  4. Is ooja-squooja a word? A legitimate word, concerning cats and their bellies?

    Off topic, I want to vote twice in your skirt poll. I voted for just under the knee, but ankle length is equally favourite. I think I’ll vote for it from father’s computer…

  5. Jackiead says

    What a baby cat, she has such beautiful cat eyes. I’ll bet she gets all the tuna she desires?

  6. Our kitties are the same–people food is of no interest–steak, chicken, delicious salmon and trout. Only two major exceptions: the covetted tuna in cans (which they can stuff their noses into and scoot all over the floor) and lunchmeat. Yep, boring, not-so-delish deli meats. They see us making sandwiches and you’d think we never fed them for how they beg.

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