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The Scroop Rilla Corset on real bodies

I’d hoped to show the Scroop Rilla Corset on models when I launched it, but unfortunately due to timing issues that wasn’t possible. Happily, we’ve now managed to do a full photoshoot with the Rilla, and I can show you how it looks on actual bodies! Both Jenni and I are wearing the Rilla Corset in size 38, with Average hip flare.  Jenni wears View B in white coutil, and I wear View A in peach pink brocaded cotton. The size 38 in Average is a perfect match to my measurements. Jenni has an exceptionally small waist compared to her hip size, so the ideal Rilla Corset for her would be custom fitted to her measurements: shortened, as she is petite, and let out slightly in hip and at the underbust, to accomodate her amazing curves. I give guidelines on adjusting for fit in the Rilla Corset pattern, and will also be demonstrating custom fitting on Jenni in a later post.  Although not an absolutely ideal fit, the standard pattern still fits her quite well. …

Scroop Patterns Giveaway

Scroop Patterns – giveaway time!

Giveaway time! I’ve hit 1,000 followers on my @thedreamstress account on Instagram, and I hit 5,000 followers on Facebook ( ) a few days ago. To celebrate, I’m giving away TWO Scroop Patterns: one through Instagram on my @scrooppatterns account, and one on Facebook in the Scroop Patterns Sewing Group. You can enter both giveaways. To enter on Instagram: Follow @scrooppatterns, and leave a comment with the Scroop Pattern you’d like to win (i.e. The Fantail Modern, Fantail Historical, Henrietta Maria Dress & Top, Miramar Dress Top & Tunic, etc. etc.) on the giveaway photo on that account. To enter on Facebook: Join the Scroop Patterns FB Group ( ), and leave a comment on the photo there with a link to the Scroop Pattern you’d like to win. Winners for both giveaways will be chosen by random draw in one week’s time. Good luck and happy sewing! SaveSave SaveSave

Gossard Corsets ad, The Designer Oct 1916,

The Ideal WWI era figure: Part I

As a celebration (slightly belatedly) of the release of the Scroop Rilla Corset, over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series post about the ‘ideal’ figure from 1913 to 1921 – the period covered by the Rilla corset. I’ll be covering how the figure ideal changed from 1914 to 1921, how corsets and other undergarments were used to achieve the ideal figure and ‘correct’ the less than ideal figure, and how to wear a 1910s corset if you are ‘large above the waist’, and how to fit the Rilla to your figure. Of course, in any era, beauty is in the eye of the beholder: what the ideal figure is depends on who is describing it, so there are lots of variations.  Part of the reason I really love the 1914-1921 period is that it covers a vast range of fashionable silhouettes within that 7 year range, even within a single year, and with so many different waistlines, necklines, skirt silhouettes and overall ‘looks’, there is a mid-teens style for every body. To …