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The Scroop Patterns Wonder Unders

Where to get lingerie elastic for the Wonder Unders

One of the comments my testers had for the Scroop Wonder Unders pattern is that a guide to where to buy the elastics I recommend would be helpful.  So here ’tis! Obviously I recommend starting with your local fabric and craft store (if you don’t support them, they aren’t going to continue to exist!), but if you don’t have a small, locally owned store to shop at, it’s very easy to get suitable elastic online. Here is a short list of companies that sell picot, pre-folded and foldable elastic.  They are sorted by location, and then alphabetically.  I am not affiliated with any of them except Made Marion Craft, nor have I tested their services. Australia & NZ: Booby Traps (NSW Australia) Everything you need!  Picot elastics! Fold-over elastics!  Tricot!  Fabrics! Elle-Joan’s Lingerie Findings (NZ)   A nice selection of picot elastic, and a small selection of fold-over elastic.  Payment by direct deposit only. Made Marion Craft (Wellington, NZ) A great selection of fold-over elastics are available in store, as well as picot elastics in the basic colours. …

Scroop Wonder Unders

Introducing the Scroop Wonder Unders!

Yay!  It’s here!  It’s done! I’m extremely pleased to announce the latest Scroop Pattern: the Wonder Unders: Making my own undergarments is a little thing, but it’s something that makes me happy every day, as I get to put on a slip, singlet camisole, or knickers that fit me exactly, are made out of fabric that I love, and that work perfectly under my other clothes.  Undergarments aren’t as exciting as fancy frocks, but they are every bit as satisfying over time. Just like the Miramar Top, Dress & Tunic pattern, the Wonder Unders feature easy, anyone-can-do-it knit sewing.  They do require a sewing machine that does a zig-zag stitch, but nothing fancier than that! The Wonder Unders pattern features classic three-piece Knickers with full bottom-coverage and sit approximately 10cm / 4” below the navel. The Singlet Camisole and Dress Slip feature scoop necks and straight backs. The Singlet Camisole fits snugly through the bust, and loosens slightly over the waist and hips, finishing at mid hip. The Dress Slip has a slightly A-line skirt with two length …

Four ways to sew with knit fabrics, thedreamstress and

Sewing Knit Fabrics: the pros and cons of the 4 most common options

There is much debate in the sewing community about what the ‘best’ or ‘proper’ way to sew with knits is.  It’s my opinion that the ‘best’ way to do any technique is the way that works for you – as long as you don’t find it too hard to do, like the result aesthetically and in terms of wear, then it’s good! I suggest four different ways to sew knit fabrics in the Miramar Dress, Top and Tunic pattern (buy it here!), and give a little information on their benefits and drawbacks, to help sewists new to knits choose a suitable one to start with. Here is a more in-depth look at the four main techniques used for sewing knits, and when, and why, I choose to use one, or not use one.  These are my observations based on my own experience sewing with knit fabrics, and my experience in teaching hundreds of students how to work with knits as they have made leggings, T-shirts, cardigans, knickers, camisoles and the Miramar Dress, Top & Tunic. For the purpose …