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Scroop Patterns Fantail Skirt,

Meet the Scroop Fantail Skirt!

Say hello to the newest Scroop Pattern: the Fantail Skirt, a gorgeous skirt with a flirty fan of back pleats inspired by New Zealand’s beloved fantail, or pīwakawaka, and late Victorian and Edwardian skirts styles. The Fantail is a particularly exciting pattern for me: not only is it the first historical Scroop Pattern, it’s also a two-parter, with a full-length historical version, accurate to 1890-1910, and a just-below-the knee modern version (and I love them both!). The Historical version is based on my personal 5-gored late-Victorian/Edwardian skirt pattern, with a fan of back pleats that always make people say “Oooh!” and “How do you do that!”  When I launched Scroop Patterns I knew it was one of the patterns I wanted to make available, but I wanted to be sure you got the most accurate version possible. So I’ve been collection skirt patterns from 1890-1910, and studying every skirt from that period that I can access.  I’ve combined all of these into one pattern with all the best features.  It’s the perfect basis for so …

Felicity the Sewing Cat for Scroop Patterns,

Pattern cat at work! Stay tuned for a new pattern!

The next Scroop Pattern is in the final stages of development, and Felicity the sewing cat is hard at work, helping out. She’s been finessing the cutting layouts, making sure the fabric requirements measure up, attempting to add her quota of cat-fur embellishments to the sewn-up samples (and looking at me very disapprovingly when I attempt to prevent the same), keeping my lap warm while I make final tweaks to instructions, and generally making sure everything is up to scratch (sometimes literally). Hopefully you’ll enjoy the next pattern (I’m pretty excited about it!) and all her work will be worth it!

Scroop Miramar Prep thedreamstress.com5

A preppy Scroop Miramar

It’s summer here in NZ, and that means breaking out the knits and lightweight cottons and rayons, and making a bunch of Miramars & Henrietta Marias. I’ve always wanted a sky blue Miramar, but couldn’t find the right fabric last year.  At the end of spring I finally found some fabulous pique knit in the perfect sky blue, and whipped up a Miramar that very night. I love the pique knit: it’s polo shirt fabric, so, combined with the colour, the Miramar feels very preppy.  I feel like I ought to be wearing it with a grosgrain belt and driving mocs (sans socks, natch). Since I don’t have either of those (I guess I have lots of grosgrain, and belt findings, so could have made one!) I paired it with my clamdigging shorts (suitably preppy name, and eminently practical for the occasion), my favourite sunnies, and bare feet. I did actually wear shoes for most of the outfit’s outing.   I was wearing this for a walk through the Karori Cemetary with the Wellington Sewing bloggers, visiting …