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The Scroop Patterns & Virgil's Fine Goods Augusta Stays

Where to buy materials for the Augusta Stays

A quick guide to where to find materials for your Augusta Stays. There are a lot of specialty materials needed, so working with a supplier who is familiar with historical staymaking (for View A), or corsetry (for View B) will make the process a lot easier. In addition to the ones listed, many local fabric shops will carry suitable linens or wools, and with the theatrical stays your fabric imagination can go wild, as long as you achieve the right level of support and strength with your mix of materials. Have I missed a supplier? Let me know in the comments! I’m most familiar with US & UK suppliers, so a huge thank you to readers who advised me about suppliers in other places. View A: Historical: Everything you need: Burnley & Trowbridge (US): This wonderful business is your one-stop Augusta Stays materials shop. They carry: synthetic whalebone; a wide range of suitable linens, silks, and wools; linen thread & beeswax; seam tapes and binding, and lacing cord; and even tools like awls, and bodkins. …

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The Augusta Stays: Tester Makes!

I always get a bit gushy about how amazing the pattern testers for Scroop Patterns are (with good reason), but the testers for the Augusta Stays deserve an extra round of credit. The Augusta Stays are by far the most ambitious pattern I’ve ever attempted, and they took Virgil’s Fine Goods and I easily 4x as long as any other pattern. An ambitious pattern for the maker means an ambitious pattern for testers. Stays are no small undertaking at any time. We’re incredibly grateful for the wonderful sewers who were willing to check a new pattern, and to work with it when it still had rough bits to be smoothed off. Thanks to the testers, the Augusta Stays are a much better pattern. Their input helped us to refine the fit of the stays, and make the instructions clearer and easier to use. And the testers made some beautiful stays. I’m very envious of all of them! They are a little different than the final pattern that we released. Some of the testers tried slightly …

The Scroop Patterns & Virgil's Fine Goods Augusta Stays

Cries of London in Augusta Stays

The absolute highlight of Costume College for me was getting to spend time with my Augusta Stays collaborator: Amber of Virgil’s Fine Goods. We’d been working on the stays patterns solidly for three months, emailing almost every day. To get to spend three days together together to trade ideas in person: what a treat! And, to make it even better, our third roommate, Cait of Willoughby and Rose, was one of the testers of the pattern. We wanted to show off the stays, so we hatched a plan: dress up as some of the most famous depictions of 18th century stays: the strawberry seller and other street vendors from Wheatly’s ‘Cries of London’. Wheatley was a landscape and portrait painter who worked in Ireland and England, and was elected into the Royal Academy in 1790. Unfortunately the politics around his election put him out of favour with most artistic patrons, and he received no major commissions after 1790. Instead he completed a series of paintings showing the street vendors of London, and their cries. They …