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Pogey Bait: vintage patterns

I have a bunch of sewing stuff stored under my parent’s house in Hawaii, and I’m gradually moving most of it to NZ. This most recent trip, I brought back a bunch of vintage patterns which I inherited from my Grandmother or was given by Auntie Artie. They range in age from the 1940s to the early 1980s, and I can’t wait to make some of them up! Here is half of what I brought back.  I’ll share the rest next week:

A bit more Windy Lindy

There have been more lovely images of Madame Ornata and I coming in from various sources, so I’m going to indulge myself and give you one last deluge of photos. The first three are by a professional photographer who was at the dance.  HannieSunshine does amazing, beautiful work, and I’m so excited by the gorgeous photos she got of Madame Ornata and I.  It was a very difficult venue to get good photographs in, and she got some impressive stuff.  I can definitely recommend her. Hannie’s last photo has a story.  It is a tradition in Swing circles that when someone has a birthday they get their own personal swing steal set.  All the dancers form a circle and the birthday boy (or girl) gets danced with by as many ladies (or men, respectively) as can pop in and steal him away from his previous partner. A special birthday happened the night of Windy Lindy – one of our dancers turned 75, so all of the ladies vied for a chance to get lucky enough …