20th Century

All my childhood fantasies fulfilled

Doesn’t it look just like the the cast of Anne of Green Gables?

I love those books!  I wanted to wear the clothes, ramble in the woods and gather the flowers, make the food.  Everything.

I think Anne is the one in front with the umbrella and the big smile.


  1. The Lady of Shallot…. Sigh! I love Anne of Green Gables. What a great pic, thanks for sharing.

  2. Indeed!

    I loved the Anne-books too, but my favourites was actually the Emily-books. Probably because I’m much more an Emily than an Anne. 🙂

    • I’m definitely much more of an Anne than an Emily, with a good helping of Pat and Rilla thrown in! I just love that there are so many to read!

    • Paul Miller says

      I loved them both as heroines, but after starting with Anne, Emily was refreshingly morose and almost Gothic against the sunny cheer of the Anne books. I hope children are still reading those stories. They helped make me love poetry and beauty.

  3. My favorite Anne books were “of the Island” through- Ack I keep changing the last one. They’re all so great. Now I’m older I can especially appreciate all the work everyone keeps up on through the series, knitting, tatting, sewing, baking, gardening, not to speak of men’s work too. I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to Anne.

  4. Elizabeth says

    I LOVE Anne 😉 I just bought my 5 year old daughter the first book and we’ll be reading it together after we finish Little House in the Big Woods!

    • Paul Miller says

      We also read the Little House books. They introduced me to the wonderful feeling of being snuggled in away from the elements, although in rural Virginia we didn’t have to worry about wolves, natives or massive storms. I still read from the Big Woods whenever we get our first snow, although it’s never quite as awesome as when my mom read it to me all those years ago. [sniff]

  5. I love the Anne books but I couldn’t get into the ones after Anne left school. 😀 I love that Marilla is always knitting. I love their small community. What a beautiful think it would be to experience that kind of lifestyle. I do love that photo, that girl does have an “Anne” type f smile.

  6. Amy B. says

    I love Anne too! I grew up with her stories. I always loved her daughter Rilla just a tiny hint better though. That’s why I now have a daughter named Marilla. 😉

  7. I adored Anne as a child. I wanted to be her sooo badly! What a lovely picture and a wonderful memory 🙂

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