Home from Hawaii

I arrived back in New Zealand yesterday, just in time to miss the (strong but fortuitously undamaging) earthquake in Christchurch, and my parents adopting a newborn kid goat on the farm.

Hawaii was wonderful, amazing, perfect.

The weather was ideal.  27 degrees every day (85ish), 24 every night, clear and sunny with tradewinds and the occasional rain shower that swept in, cooled the land, and then swept out again.

I got to see my little sisters (the first time all three of us have been together since my wedding), and we cooked up a storm and hung out on the beach and up in trees and generally tried to pretend that we were little kids again.  We even sang all those horrible children’s songs we used to sing, like “Found a peanut”, “Baby bumblebee” and “Little green frog”.

This is some of the stuff I did:

The view in Lanikai, Oahu (where Obama spends his holidays)

Visiting the Bayod-in Temple on Oahu

Ringing the bell for luck at the Temple

Feeding the birds at the temple. I can't resist feeding animals.

Eating yummy Hawaiian food like malasadas.

I want this bathroom. The whole wall is a mirror.

Mango picking

And jaboticaba picking

And goofing off with my sisters

Beach time with my sisters

And beachcombing for sand-washed treasures

Cuddling cute babies

And cats that aren't Felicity. This is my sister Goldilocks with Tonto the cat

And the Naiad with Zion, Felicities brother (at least personality wise)

Josie Pie and I share a moment

I also sewed, and cooked, and planted exotic fruits, and generally enjoyed spending time with my family and being on an idyllic organic farm.

It couldn’t have been better, but I am looking forward to getting back to teaching and full-on sewing and some exciting new projects!

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  1. Lovely to have you back after what appears to have been a very restoring and refreshing break in paradise 🙂 I am sure we can keep you busy!! xo

  2. jackiead says

    Thank you for sharing with your readers your family visit. Love the pictures of the family and farm, can’t imagine being able to live in such a beautiful place year round.

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