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Sewing in Hawaii

You know you have the right job when you do it while you are on vacation.

I did a lot of sewing in Hawaii.

First, I made the Uncooperative Skirt cooperate.  I added pictures of my mom in it to the post.  She looks really cute!

Second, I mended a huge pile of stuff that my parents set aside for me.  They know me well!

Then I went to a friends house and did a quick ‘rescue the over-cleaned chairs/add some pizazz job’.  I got to work with beautiful South American textiles.

Chairs, now with pizazz

Isn't the fabric gorgeous? It works perfectly in Hawaii, but is such an unusual take on the usual 'tropical' textile

Perfect, pretty little hand stitching

I love the mix of colours

I also worked on a quilt.  I do it every time I’m home – turn my fabric scrap boxes into quilts, with old blankets as the batting.  I don’t finish one every time, but it doesn’t matter – I can always do the last bits next time.  This time I got everything but the edge bindings done on my quilt.

I like the quilts I make for the farm in Hawaii.  They are real quilts, made of leftover bits and fashioned out of necessity.  They aren’t as fun as a hobby quilt, but they feel far more authentic.  They get used in the two little cabins on the farm, where visitors and apprentices stay.

The quilt top, all spread out on the batting and backing

I rarely work with orange, but I really love the central fabric of this quilt.

Now with quick and easy zig-zag quilting lines to keep everything secure.

Finally, I hemmed some curtains that I made 6  years ago.  They are finally getting hung in the room for which they were intended.  Not exciting, but it makes me feel good.

Curtains just aren't exciting.

The curtain tabs

I hand-dyed unbleached cotton canvas to achieve a soft, mottled sky blue

They work well with the wood. My parents love wood.

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  1. You’ve been so productive!
    I love the scrap quilt. I personally think I’m always going to make scrap quilts, and no other kind. For me, coming up with creative ways to use scraps (read: other person’s trash) is the most fun there could be. Which is why my stash is so huge; I rarely find the time.

    Actually, I love all the things you’ve made.

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