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1)  I have polls!  So if you are to lazy to post comments (boo, ’cause I love comments) you can just express your opinion in the poll in the sidebar.  This week’s poll is about what dress I should wear to Windy Lindy 2010.

2) Am I the only person that was really, really disappointed by the Steampunk fashions on show at DragonCon?  Not that I got to go.  Or even would (it’s a geek too far for me), but I was thinking that it should have the BEST steampunk fashions on display.  Right?  Right?  Apparently not.

Go check out some photos on Epbot and tell me if you don’t agree that most of them are just, well, not very interesting or innovative.  Super, major letdown.

On the bright side, this means that my costuming friends and the bloggers I follow are insanely talented – ’cause their stuff is so creative and awesome.


Even the monkeys in the Wellington Zoo are in awe of y'all!


  1. Hm. I don’t know much about steampunk, but it all really seams a bit… the same all over. Even the same colour scheme most of the time!

  2. I think they’re pretty meh on the whole, though I freely admit to near complete ignorance about Steampunk. Most of them looked like cleaned up Dickensian Cockneys, which I don’t really mean as a complement. And the dude with a corset? Eck.

    I thought that Steampunk originated from grown up hipsters and historic recreationists deciding to wear their historical gear in normal life. Maybe I dreamed it, I could have sworn that’s what it grew out of. This looks like some geeks on acid. Again, not meant as a compliment….

  3. There were a couple of quite groovy things in there but the whole SP aesthete is quite dull by definition, and very susceptible to cross over with goth and lolita and other cosplay sub cultures. 🙂

  4. Truth? I think the few guys whose costumes were shown on that page were rather cool, but all of the women’s costumes were kind of lame.

  5. Madame Ornata says

    I love the concept of steampunk, as it provides the ability to do something much more creative with historical concepts, to let the ol imagination rip and throw out those pesky old ‘rules’ – no limits, yee hah!
    Well this was more limited than limitless. Some were ok, but nothing I haven’t seen before and nothing that I would think “Wow wish I had thought of that”. I would have expected it to take the genre a little further or do something a bit more interesting rather than limited to the usual cliques. Shame.

  6. Natalie says

    I am definitely interested in steam punk. I even did my own steam punk vampire costume last year for Halloween. As MrsC said, the entire movement tends to incorporate other genres. That is not a turn off to me as much as steam punkers who are not innovative. I have seem some awesome creativity before. While these examples give you the basic idea of what steam punk is they lacked the futuristic qualities that I enjoy seeing. There is nothing better than a costume that is a good blend of Victorian and futuristic fantasy.

  7. Kathy P says

    The steampunk fashions are a bit on the blah side, plus it looks as if some of those girls haven’t quite got the idea of what steampunk is supposed to be. The eggplant taffeta dress is pretty good, though.
    On the other hand, pygmy marmosets are always awesome.

    • Oh cool Sarah! I recognise a few of them as repeats from the show, but for the most part it does look like the offstage costumes were waaaaay more amazing!

  8. Sandimonium says

    Steampunk fires my imagination, and while I have seen a few men’s outfits that were AMAZING, I’ve never seen a woman’s outfit that did anything for me. Wearing a corset or cage on the outside seems to be all you need do and that’s not very creative. I would like to see something besides later Victorian styles represented too. Steam was around before 1875! 🙂 I have some awesome boots, I’m trying to think of a cool steampunk costume for Halloween.

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