1. Minerve says

    Lol, that is adorable! Don’t know why, but Felicity kind of looks like she was copied/pasted on the pics… Okay, that’s probably just my eyes. XD

    • I can assure you that the photos are totally untouched, and that Felicity does like to sit like that! She does look a bit funny since it is such a “human” sitting position, but that’s what I love about her – she is just her own little furry person!

      • Minerve says

        For sure I believe you. I’ve seen my neighbour’s cats sitting like that, and it’s really hilarious. Gotta love cats haha.

  2. Paul Miller says

    You’re right. They are aborable, but I can’t decide which is more so, the cat or the pillow sham. Wait, am I missing something?

    • It is a great pillow sham isn’t it? It is also on my list of favourite things, just under a different category! That’s the winter bed there- I don’t love it, it’s just OK. Wait until I post pictures of the summer bed. I love it!

  3. jackiead says

    Yes, hubby and Felicity are adorable. Is hubby as sweet as Felicity? You have a cute family, love it when you post their pictures.

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