Better than steampunk

Seriously. This is pure awesome.

Better than ‘swords into plowshares’. It’s pistols into pretty!

Could you imagine what you would wear with this tea party?

I’m envisioning a sort of futuristic pastel take on the 1760s. Madame de Pompador with quilted bullet-proof vests.

These pieces of pretty are the work of artist Yvonne Lee Schultz.  What shall we call them?  Porcelain-punk?


  1. The Historical Costume Inspiration Festival is going on all this week at my blog! I’d love to have you come join the fun!

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  2. They are so dear! I want one. I want one for every one of my cups and saucers. I want them to be water pistols too. Imagine the unlaylike behaviour that could ensue hehehe.

  3. For a brief moment, I thought you, too, succumbed to the blue-and-white beauty of the china pattern on the first picture… I’m beside myself around it.
    But MrsC’s idea of water pistols… hehe. Just make sure you don’t wear your best silk dress to such tea party!

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