Ono kine grindz

I don’t talk about it much on the blog, but I’m a huge foodie.  It’s no surprise, my parents grow food (really, really good food), and my sister is a chef.  It’s in the blood.  We’re all foodies.

My trip to Hawaii was kind of one huge food party.  Most of it was healthy stuff from the farm.  But not all of it.

For one thing, there was the malasadas.  Malasadas are Portuguese doughnuts.  And sometimes they come stuffed with haupia, which is coconut pudding.


And then there were all the desserts my sister (the chef) and I cooked.

Mango kuchen:

Mango kuchen might just be my favourite food in the world, ever.

Nom, nom, nom, nom

Mango kuchens, as beautiful as they are delicious.

And passionfruit cheesecake:

Delicious. It's made with yoghurt instead of cream cheese.

Look at how light and fluffy it is!

There were also slightly healthier things, like passionfruit pancakes:

Just add lilikoi pulp - sooooo yummy!

And poke.  Poke is raw fish.  And raw octopus.  And wonderful.

This is my poke tasting extravaganza:

8 kinds. I'm in heaven. The deliciousness never ends.

There was also the hamburger of wonderfulness, made of local (like 5 miles down the road), organic, grass fed beef, with tomato and avocado from my parents farm, and buns baked by the chef sister.

You have to admit, that is one impressive hamburger.

And then there was the real healthy stuff, like this amazing lunch my Mum and I made:

Who knew that three kinds of salad could look that mouth watering!?!

My Mum bakes the bread herself.  It’s got so much depth and flavour:

It's sweet, and nutty, and light but hearty at the same time

And then there are the salads:

Every vegetable in them from the farm. And my parents make the vinegar for the salad dressing.

Potato salad is a great American tradition. Especially if you make it with all sorts of vegetables that most American's would never even consider

And the avocado:

Avocado is a wonder fruit.

Well, are you hungry yet?  If not, I haven’t done my job properly.

I’m going to go stare morosely into my fridge now, wondering why it doesn’t include a freshly baked mango kuchen and some just-picked lettuce and radishes.


  1. jackiead says

    All of the food looks delicious! And yes I am hungry, I would have loved to have been invited for lunch. Your mom’s bread looks so good just the way I like it nutty and dense and those yummy avocados and salads, to die for. Your parents farm looks to be a paradise.

  2. Ach, how I ache for a hamburger like that!

    I have to say I prefer cream cheese cheese cakes, it seems the yogurt variety is all Brisbane has ever heard of.

  3. Paul Miller says

    So, does your jaw disconnect like a snake to eat a burger like that, or do you just give it a firm squish and hope for the best? I am so jealous of that one.
    Also, love the looks of that cheesecake. I have been subbing Greek yogurt for anything from mayonnaise to cream cheese in recipes all summer with really good results.
    Oh, and the doughnuts stuffed with coconut pudding? Who do you have to kill to get that in Virginia, I wonder? I might consider it…

  4. Eh. Why do I have to read this when ill at home with not much left to eat?
    I’m not exactly one for raw sealife – probably because I live in a landlocked country – but, after father’s having read an article, “raw fish” is in my family a synonym for “irresistibly yummy”. Usually something you put together just because it’s yummy. Like microwaved cheese.
    Also, I don’t believe potato salad is an American invention. I don’t know what the American kind looks like, but potato salad is the traditional Czech Christmas side dish, so how on Earth could it be American invention?
    I want all the pastry. Starting with the bread.

    • I stand corrected! And I should have know that potato salad wasn’t unique to America, the chef sister makes Russian and Italian potato salad all the time. Of course, potatoes are an American vegetable, and they didn’t make it to Europe until the early 19th century, so I could argue my point!

      I think it’s the pickles and the olives and the mayo and mustard that make American potato salad fabulous. What goes in a Czech one?

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