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Bromeliad pink bridesmaid dresses

Bromeliad pink is one of my favourite colours.

It is also a colour that looks beautiful amidst the lush greenery of Hawaii.

Not surprisingly, when Mr Dreamy and I picked a wedding location set in tropical gardens on the slopes of a mountain in Hawaii, bromeliad pink was one of the first colours I thought of for the bridesmaids.

Unfortunately, I said “Pink” and two of my four bridesmaids said “Ewwww….no….”  The other two bridesmaids were very obliging and said “Oooh, pink!” and “It’s your wedding, I’ll wear whatever you want me to” respectively.

Being the sweet, accommodating person that I am (only slight sarcasm intended), I offered the two recalcitrant bridesmaids green, which they agreed would be much preferable.

And then of course I went out and bought lots of bromeliad pink chiffon (which I loved) and muted jade green chiffon (which was OK), and showed both fabrics to the bridesmaids, and the recalcitrant ones said “Oh….that colour pink!  We would wear that.”

Well.  Thanks.  Too late.

The design sketches and fabric swatches for the bridesmaids outfits

I first designed both skirts and tops of the same bromeliad pink or jade green chiffon, but then decided that I wanted to include a Hawaiian twist, and wanted to include a print, so I found a beautiful tropical print barkcloth for the bodices, and also for the groomsmen’s shirts.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen in Hawaiian print tops

I made the skirts myself, and my lovely (honorary)  Auntie  Artie made the bodices and groomsmen’s shirts (and the father of the bride and groom shirts).

Auntie A, sewing away.

She even brought her sewing machine to the Lodge the day before the wedding, and made sure that everyone’s top fit them perfectly.

Auntie A making last minute, day before the wedding, adjustments on Grace Darling's top

And then, at the last minute, my fourth bridesmaid couldn’t come.  So I had two in pink and one in green.

But my three bridesmaids were darling and wonderful and looked amazing – like bright hibiscuses, or little tropical fairies.

Dressing room preparation

I love this photograph of my sister, the Naiad (and chef). She looks so saucy!

The Naiad and Goldilocks goofing off.

I love how many of the wedding photos show people laughing

Happy, pretty Naiad

I picked all the wedding fabrics specifically for what they would look like in motion, and what they would look like in photographs.

Bare-footed beauties

They even look beautiful in black and white

Goldilocks carrying leis and bouquet

Grace Darling looking perfectly tropical

The Naiad had a last minute change of hairstyle before the ceremony

Goldilocks danced us a hula for our wedding. The skirts were perfect for dancing in.

And no, I’ll admit that their outfits aren’t particularly practical or wearable again, but I paid for them, so I think I’m allowed that indulgence!


  1. The fabric looks amazing! I do hope that your fourth bridesmaid is okay and nothing terrible has happened.

  2. I think these outfits are very rewearable. Especially when splitting them and wearing the bits with other things. I have a theory though that seeing any dress style on bridesmaids ‘brands’ it in our minds as bridesmaidy. I made four polycotton, deep navy dresses that were so plain they only needed an apron to look like nun novice frocks, and even then they all said they were “so bridesmaidy”. Really! hehehe

  3. Joie de Vivre says

    They look lovely Dreamstress! And I agree with Mrs C – totally rewearable, especially if split. I’d wear both pieces quite happily! The top would be great with denim jeans or shorts for a nice barbeque or other summery event where you want to show a bit of skin but keep it relaxed, and the skirts are so pretty that they’d be lovely for a slightly dressier affair like a work Christmas party or (as I would) with a relaxed cotton singlet for lovely, summery, swishy, easy-to-wear goodness.

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