Felicity – the sweet and the not-so-sweet

I adore Felicity.  She is wonderful, and lovable and undeniably cute.


But she does have some flaws (she had a difficult kittenhood – what can I say?).

Ten things that are sweet about Felicity:

  1. She loves me.  She follows me around from room to room, all day, because wherever I am is where she wants to be.
  2. She loves Mr Dreamy.  Whenever he sits down she crawls on his lap and cuddles up.
  3. She is very gentle with old people, and children.  She was exceptionally sweet to Nana when she met her.
  4. She never tries to eat people food.  You can leave anything – milk, fish, steak, butter, anything – on the counter and she won’t eat it.
  5. She never begs for food, or demands that we wake up to feed her.
  6. She isn’t whiney.  I can’t abide cats that whine.
  7. She comes and sits with you when you are upset.  If I started crying, Felicity will be cuddled up to me in less than a minute.
  8. She comes when you call.  Always.
  9. She chirps and peeps and trills when she wants to be fed, but only if you are already on the way to the kitchen.
  10. She loves when you come home.  Even if you leave for weeks and only a pet-sitter visits her, you aren’t in trouble for leaving her, you are the best thing ever for coming home again.

Felicity taking care of a sick Dreamstress

Felicity and Mr Dreamy share the love

Seven things aren’t always so sweet about Felicity (I couldn’t think of 10, which is a good thing).

  1. She is demanding.  She wants what she wants, when she wants it, and, by-golly, if you don’t pet her, she will attack your calf and bite your ankle.
  2. She really is an ankle-biter (see above)
  3. She holds grudges.  Un-lap her and she will glare at you for half an hour, attempt ankle biting, and sulk.
  4. She is in charge.  She gets petted when she wants to get petted, and pushes your hand away when she doesn’t want to be petted.
  5. She bites and scratches when she is mad.  She is getting much better about this, but still takes the occasional swipe.
  6. She thinks sewing is play time.  Fabric is for hide and seek, and patterns are for ripping to shreds.
  7. She claws furniture.

Cute. Now can I have it back, I need to cut it!

But I'm so cute! Even when I glare at you! Even when I leap at your face...OK...maybe not so much when I do that.


  1. I also have cats. 2: Wallace and Sedgwick. They are complete opposites as far as personality goes and they both have their good points and bad points. Even when I hate them, I love them. Cats are awesome. 🙂

  2. It must be a cat loving thing. While I agree that Felicity is adorably cute, so far she’s mostly just driven me nuts by pinpointing the most delicate and rippable fabric and diving straight into the middle of it with claws out. I am tempted, when visiting yours for sewing, to stick to blanket weight wools… 😉

  3. jackiead says

    Felicity is a little cat angel with tons of cattitude, her eyes tell it all. I love her posts. I have four cats and two are my sewing buddies Abbey and Samantha. They love sleeping on my sewing table and being near all things to do with thread, fabric, and shiny sewing objects.

  4. I agree, Felicity IS super cute.
    Thanks so much for a fun afternoon on Friday and you will be pleased to hear I finished the dress with no further dramas!
    Just need to make a cute belt.
    See you when i get back

  5. Felicity’s ten good traits are a lot like Sugar’s, except for 4 and 5–though she’s never been fed people food, she’ll eventually go after it if you abandon it for long enough, and she occasionally takes a stab at mooching (which we ignore, for health reasons).

    On the other hand, Sugar doesn’t have F’s negative traits. She doesn’t hold grudges, ever. She *will* pester for attention, but does so by bumping her head on your hands (or other body parts), or pawing at you, or making noises–she doesn’t bite. She is prone to think of “sew time” as play time, but once I make it clear she’s getting in the way, she’ll walk off, and that’s that. And Sugar doesn’t claw most of our furniture, but there are a few items she does harass–the seagrass wastepaper basket in Eric’s office, and the old sofabed in the basement.

    Three other Sugar traits:

    1. She is good about cuddling up, not just when Eric or I are unhappy, but also when we’re sick–and the sicker we are, the more devoted she becomes (barely taking breaks for litter box, food and water).

    2. She does not like being picked up, though she tolerates it better than she used to. She doesn’t claw or scratch, though, mostly she wriggles to escape, or vocalizes. She’s willing to sit on your lap, but only if she can walk onto it–she doesn’t like being picked up and placed on a lap.

    3. She deals quite well with being displaced, or being ignored. Even if she really wants me to get up and feed her, if I pet her and say “15 more minutes”, she’ll almost always wait.

  6. Her character seems a lot like my beloved Mips Moppet, though Mips never bit anyone. She was a long-haired cat too, only grey. 🙂

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