Claws at the end of its paws

Is there anything more adorable than kitty paws, with their little pink pads, and the fur tufts between their toes?

So pink and cute!

And the fur tufts!

And the limp wrist of a happy cat!

P.S. Major bonus points for the first person to get the title!


  1. Taylo says

    Oooh! I get it! A cat has claws at the end of it’s paws, a comma has a pause at the end of it’s clause! 😀

  2. As for your title, Google gave the answer to me. It’s the difference between a cat and a comma. A cat has claws at the end of its paws, and a comma has a pause at the end of its clause. 🙂

  3. jackiead says

    Felicity does have pretty pink paws. I love to play with my cats tufts on their little kitty toes.

      • jackiead says

        Felicity looks like a cat that does not allow any touching she does not approve of or else you better watch-out. My cat Abbey is very docile she likes to be held in a blanket and allows me to play with her kitty toe tufts, however she does have her limits. Thanks for sharing Felicity stories.

  4. Madame Ornata says

    My sister’s lovely kitty Beau oddly loved paw massages. His favourite pampering was lying on his back presenting paws in air so you could put your finger in between his pads and gently push and wiggle. He give a very contented murrs, purrs and looks if this was done. Then if this was followed up by a gentle thumb massage on main pad he couldn’t be happier. He also liked to have his armpits rubbed. Wierd, cute and all true

  5. I don’t know that saying, but it reminded me of Karel ÄŒapek’s “Great Cat Tale” where there’s a mysterious animal which, among other things, has “sixteen knives in little pockets, and yet it does not cut its flesh” (which does not sound half as good when I translate it than it does in the original.)

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