Shoe love

If I was really, really rich, I would have custom made shoes based on historical examples.

Like theses:

Shoes, 1893, American, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

I love the openwork, and the little scrolls!  The rosettes are a little much maybe.

Shoes, 1895, L. Perchellet France, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Ooooooh…the colours!

Evening slippers, 1860-70, British, Metropolitan Museum of Art

*Drool*  Sigh….

White kid shoes, early 20th century, Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Hellloo gorgeous!

Slippers, about 1800, John Staton, England, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Ah!  So sweet!  The line work!

Buckle shoes, about 1770, Mehetable Stoddard (Hyslop), Boston, Museum of FIne Arts Boston

Clearly, I have a thing for green shoes.

Finally, I  definitely want these:

Tie shoes, early 18th century, France, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

OMG! OMG!  OMG!  Looooove!


  1. I never “got” shoes. I could swear I saw some like the red and white slippers just the other day. Now I want to go back and see if I remember correctly.

    By the way, I ventured into Target the other day. It’s usually off my radar, but they have all these summer shoes that look like they dropped out of 1933. Seriously.

  2. Snookie says

    I totally have a thing for green shoes, too! Custom made shoes are an interest of mine, since it’s one thing that I haven’t wanted to try making for myself. My one experiment with custom shoes was expensive and not terribly successful, though. Maybe I should try doing them myself!

  3. I love shoes too, and particularly the ones that you have in this post, imagine if we could have shoes like those of our own to wear, why doesn’t someone start making them. Soft leathers and cloth shoes for in the house, made of the most divine tapestry fabrics and lined with satin, so to die for. I have been looking for a new pair of shoes for weeks now and can’t find a thing, I have to get out of Tauranga. What a shame we can’t load images in our comments, we could all put up photos of our favourite pair of shoes.

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