Such beautiful, beautiful dresses…

I’m doing some wedding commissions, so I’m in full bridal wear mode.  There are some beautiful dresses out there right now (all ridiculously expensive of course!)

Marchesa, Spring/Summer 2010.

It’s so deliciously goddess-y!  And I love the contrast belt.  It would be wonderfully flattering on my body shape.

Marchesa, Spring/Summer 2010

I’m trying to imagine who could get away with this, and am totally failing, but I still love the drama of it.  And the fabric!

'Edyth' Pallas Bride and Fashion, Couture Collection 2010

I’ve never had the back to pull this off, but I love EVERYTHING else about this dress.  And the models hair.  My hair would do that after a couple of hours and a couple hundred dollars at the hairdressers.

'Celestina' Pallas Bride and Fashion Couture Collection 2010

Frothy fairy frocks.  Happiness.


  1. Argh! After this weekend I’ve got snow blindness from looking at and talking about wedding dresses! I will be very glad to get this one done 🙂 And I am hoping that Kate wears something completely different to the current fashions so we can see a change at last in what brides are wearing. Like some of these ones howeve, a bit different!

      • So true. But then again I am sick of the current lack of diversity anyway! A change is as good as a rest hehe. And thank goodness for you, making at least one dress that has nothing to do with the style that is being used at most weddings, whie still being fabulously chich and fashion forward! 🙂

  2. I definitely think they are pretty in some parts, but there is waaaaaaaaayyyy too much skin showing for me. LOL

    So you are making a wedding dress?

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