Carolyn’s dress: the second toile

UPDATE: I wrote this post a few days ago, before the Christchurch earthquake.  I don’t know what to day about the earthquake, and about what is happening in Canterbury.  There are no words.  So I’m just leaving the post as it is, and hoping that my prayers say enough.


This may be the most boring post ever (or at least the most boring post about Carolyn’s dress, which is not a boring project by any means!) because I completely forgot to take images of the second toile I made for Carolyn.

It’s really quite a pity, as the second toile us quite spectacular.  I made it as a finished garment, because doing so was only a tiny bit more work.

Anyway, here is what I do have images of:

The fabric I used for the lower part of the skirt.  Isn’t it drool worthy?  It’s a crushed, patterned, rayon velvet that I picked up for almost nothing at an op-shop just a few weeks earlier.


It was partly so cheap because it had two large purple ink stains on it, but I was able to cut around them.

Purple stains.

For the top of the dress, I used a silk shantung that I’d had around in my stash for years.  Not very bridal, but definitely spectacular.

That's the silk at the top of the photo

I built the bodice and the skirt on to a simple princess seamed base, which provided a smooth line and support for the whole dress.

Mock-up pattern pieces pinned to the skirt support

Well, there you go, your little lack-of-excitement for the day.  I promise the next post on this dress will be far more exciting!


  1. Emily says

    Gosh, that’s a gorgeous set of teal shades!

    Very thoughtful note about the earthquake there. Maybe we could have some 1931 fashions to remind us of how Napier rebuilt after the quake?

  2. Madame Ornata says

    I saw the dress it is stunning, utterly, totally and undeniably stunning. Well then I would expect no less from our clever, talented Dreamstress.

  3. Agreed, Lady O! Stunning. So stunning I know I am going to be even more stunned that the finished dress is going to be so stunning it surpasses the stunningness of this one! 🙂

    • Madame Ornata says

      And as stunning as the stunningness of the stunning little wedding frock you have just completed n’est pas fabulous (oh equally talented) MrsC ?

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