Felicity’s favourite things: naptime

Felicity has a few favourite things: bottle tops and tuna fish, wool blankets, and naptime.

Specifically, naps with me.  Mr Dreamy doesn’t nap often enough to make it worth her while to get excited about.

Felicity loooooooooooves napping with me.  If she thinks it is the right time of day, and there is a chance I might nap (something I do once or twice a week), she hopefully follows me into the bedroom every time I head that way.

I took a nap yesterday, and she definitely felt I was long overdue for one.

As I was unpinning my hair she twined around my ankles, mewing encouragingly.

As I moved to take all the pillows off the bed (yes, I’m a pillow pile-er) she stood on the edge of the bed in a pose that usually indicates that she is demanding pets.  Did she want a pet?  Nope!  As I reached out for her she moved out of reach just fast enough for me to end out spread over the bed.  Just where she wanted me!

When I finally climbed under the covers I wriggled around a bit to get comfortable. Suddenly Felicity pounced on me. Did she want to play?  Nope!  She was standing on me to get me to be still so she could curl up in the crook of my knees!

Sleepy kitty



  1. jackiead says

    Felicity is too cute and smart for words and oh so pretty! Cats love sleepy time in bed with those they love.

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