Why I’ve been a bad blogger

I’m afraid I’ve been rather off my blogging form this week, and I do apologise.

Rather than my usual post-a-day at 5.30ish (no, I don’t actually get up then, I write them the night before and schedule the posts!), I’ve been lucky to get a post every other day, and often they don’t publish until 5.30 in the afternoon.

Anyway, over the last two weeks I have:

– Made two new corsets

– Finished the silver corset

– Made 3 pairs of bloomers and two chemises, complete with extravagant amounts of lace and pin-tucks.

– Submitted a project proposal to a museum

– Submitted a paper abstract to a symposium

– Worked on two wedding dress commissions

– Given a talk on 1940s and 50s novelty prints to a quilting group.

– Given two different talks on corsets to a burlesque expo (plus had all the planning and model fittings for 12 models for the talks).

Plus made an attempt at keeping the house tidy, spending time with Mr Dreamy, spending time with my sister, having a social life, and eating and sleeping.

So really, any blogging at all is a good thing as far as I am concerned at this point!

This is me with some of the corset models, literally falling over on my feet.


  1. Gosh! And I thought that I had been a bit busy lately!!!
    What a fabulous photo – love your hair!

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  2. jackiead says

    Did you make all of the corets worn by these models? Your hair is lovely, all the models look beautiful.

    • All except the exquisite green stays made (and worn) by Madame Ornata. Those are based off my pattern, and I supplied some guidance, but the fabulous workmanship is hers.

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