Friday Rave: Things Unseen Jewellery

Mr Dreamy got me the best Valentines Day present ever this year.  It is a custom floral necklace by my favourite jeweller, Nini of Things Unseen.

I love it! I love the box! I love the colours! I love everything!

Nini is based in Wellington, and her line sells in a couple of posh shops in town, such as Rex Royale, and on etsy, but if you want to be able to buy any of her really good stuff you have to get up very early: anytime she shows up at a jewellery or craft fair she sells out, and there is a little mini-riot in front of her stall as everyone tries to get their hands on a fabulous piece of jewellery.

Of course, you can circumvent all of that by contacting her in person and getting a custom piece, which is what Mr D did.

It's like wearing a garden around my neck

Lucky me!

Nini’s jewellery is steampunk, with an elegant, feminine, and very witty twist.  She uses cogs and gears and bees and dragonflies and all sorts of other fabulous stuff.

Bees, fountain pen nibs, and watch cogs on a fabulous ring

A custom piece with jewelled dragonflies and meaningful trinket

Just gorgeous

She uses other motifs too.  I particularly like her hare line.  (hehe hare line)

It's a ring. I want a bunny ring to wear!

The floppy ear just melts my heart.

I also love what she does with butterflies.  It reminds me of the butterfly imagery in Spindles End.

A clockwork butterfly

Wind it up and let it fly away

A butterfly hatpin brooch

Beyond butterflies and hares, the signature Things Unseen piece is the flower collar, like the one she made for my Valentines Day present.  Mine is colourful, but usually she works in blacks and metallics.

I love them all.  I joke with her that I should just pay her a certain amount a week and rent  different necklace a week, because I want every one she makes.

A signature necklace and some fabulous hair

Nini is just as fabulous as her jewellery.  She has the most awesome sense of style, and she is just sweet and wonderful in every possible way.

Nini shows off her style in one of my corsets and one of her necklaces.


  1. jackiead says

    What fun jewerly. What a wonderful Mr D, the necklace looks perfect on you.

  2. Go Nini!! Great necklace, such a perfect combo of Nini’s vibe and your vibe, which is just how a designer custom piece should be! 🙂

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