Pretty things to lift the mood

Last Friday I had the perfect day planned out, and nothing went according to plan and I didn’t get anything accomplished and I was getting very grumpy.

Then I went to the op-shop.  And my day got lots better.

So much fun vintage prettiness!

Op-shop prettiness makes everything better: it doesn’t blow your budget, and you can’t plan what you buy, so it has the delightful surprise discovery factor.  Perfect mood fixer.

This is what I got:

Vintage cotton threads in a delicious range of colours.  50cents each!


I love the colour names, they are so evocative, though some of them are very much a product of their time, and are not at all acceptable now.

Lt. Kingfisher and Scarlet Glow

Orchid, flame and…uh…well…I can’t even type that.  

Two ridiculously pink and frilly 1960s negligee

All that lace and frills!

This one also has a sash that ties it.

The 18th century inspired sleeve ruffles are hilarious

On a more tasteful, or at least better made, note, I found this hand-tatted wool blouse.

I’m not sure of the date for this. 1960s maybe?

The yarn is incredibly fine, and the handwork is amazing.  I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to make the blouse.

Aren’t the candy floss colours gorgeous!

Moving away from textiles, I found a sweet little trinket dish.  I’m using it to hold my short bobby pins.

It has laurel wreaths. Of course I love it!

Finally, and best of all, I happened upon this utterly gorgeous marcasite and cameo necklace.

Look at her Roman nose!

I love marcasite, I love cameos, and I love, love, love this necklace!  I’ve worn it all weekend, and gotten so many comments on it.

Yep, I’m happy now.


  1. Ha Ha..
    I saw that necklace and didnt get it cause I was trying to save a few pennies for Art Deco!
    Im so glad you got it!

  2. Chloe says

    I love all the Sylko colour names, except for the ‘Dk.’ and ‘Lt.’ variations, which are boring.
    It’s always fun when you’re picking a thread and it has the most fantastic name ever when you finally look at the label after having sewn with it for a couple of hours.

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