Felicity cuteness

I’m really tired.  I have too much work to do.  My back hurts.  I can’t think of anything brilliant to post.

Solution: Felicity cuteness.

Fluffy tummy

Paw lick

Bum lick


    • No comment on the Felicity cuteness?!

      LOL, just joking. Her bedspread IS very nice.

      WHAT A NICE FAT CAT SHE IS!!!!!!!!! And such nice, long fluffy fur. Does the long fur cause you extra trouble? (Of course, a gloriously cute cat like Felicity would be worth ANY trouble! IMHO)

      • LOL! It is a great bedspread. I’m madly in love with it!

        Felicity isn’t actually fat – I’m paranoid about it and ask the vet every time we see her, and have to be reassured that she is a perfectly healthy weight. Amazingly, despite all her fur, she takes care of it herself and hates being brushed. Sometimes I trim the fur under her tail when the weather gets really warm. We do get a lot of white fur on everything – but no trouble other than that!

        • We have a small, short-haired cat, and since I don’t have experience with many cats, I do have trouble realizing if a cat is very chubby or not. Not that I really thought Felicity was humongous or anything in the first place……. LOL

          I just want to fly to New Zealand and give her a hug.


    • LOL! Felicity is not a ragdoll, just a plain old moggie, albeit a very cute and fluffy one. She doesn’t have a ragdoll personality at all – she’s much too bossy and opinionated!

  1. jackiead says

    Yes, I can always go for cute pictures of darling Felicity. Looks like she is waving in the first picture.

  2. Yes, Felicity *is* cutte, and doesn’t she just look as though she knows it, perfectly well!

    Now, my Sugar is fat, but she’s also 18 and has diminished kidney function. Our vet says, at this point, it’s much better that she be able to keep her weight, because serious weight loss on her part now would likely mean the beginning of the end.

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