I want to have a baby

Not so that I can have a baby, but so that I can ask you what I should name it.

One of my favourite bloggers in having a little girl in a few weeks.  She asked what she should name her little girl, and the comments that came in were so so screamingly, and unintentionally, funny, that I desperately want to come up with my own list of requirements for a baby name

My bloggy friend wanted 1) a classic name 2) no made up or hard spellings 3) not in the top 100 list 4) a girls name (eg. gender specific) 5) not tease inducing.

This is why her readers suggested Marigold,  Saimi,  Aoife, Eden,  Malia (cause that totally isn’t in the top 100 thanks to Obama’s daughter),  Marley,  and finally,  Pollyanna.

Cause that last one totally isn't tease inducing.

Anyway, if Mr Dreamy and I ever decide we want a little beauty of our own, I will ask you.  And I’ll even try not to laugh to much.  And I won’t mind if you laugh and/or roll your eyes at what I pick.  Cause if Mr D didn’t try to stop me I’ll probably try to name a baby boy Lancelot    Rafael  Mashíyyat insert-three-sentence-long-Hawaiian-name here Oakes, which does make me deserving of all the laughter and censure you can heap on me.

Heck, you can even tell me the name I pick sucks to my face/and or comment screen!



  1. Maybe you can get one of those widget hamsters for your sidebar and you can let us name that. 😀

    Letting complete strangers name your kids:

    “Mommy, I hate my name!”
    “Well don’t blame me, some random person on mommy’s blog picked it.” 😀

    I think it would be a good way to get suggestions though.

  2. Dear God, not Pollyanna. The other suggestions you name sound fine.

    Other possibilities: Deirdre (or is that too hard to spell?), Maura, Candace, Leila, Cecily, Marlene.

  3. Apparently, I have completely different notions of classic names than other people do.

    Also: 😀 at Stephanie’s little dialogue.

    • Maude? Claire? Lila? We had the hardest time naming our little girl, she still wasn’t named two weeks after her birth and everyone made such a ridiculous fuss about it.

      You watch out, if I have a boy first I’m stealing your baby name. 😉

      • I’m afraid my classic names would always turn out to be those in Top 100. They’re classic for a reason…

  4. Elise says

    I actually like Marigold. Although as a kid, I named all of my dolls, bears, and Oregon Trail characters Lilac.

  5. Gabriela says

    Some other great names are Felicity, Annaliese, Genevieve, and Cecily. (:

  6. Since I was young, my favorite girl’s name was Lanai. 🙂
    Other favorites include: Ellie, Elsie, Elise, Naomi and Katherine

    Boy favorites: Nathaniel, Rowan, Philip and Edmund (though I wouldn’t name a boy that because he’d forever be ED)

  7. Beth D. says


    what? it’s a perfectly cromulent name for a girl.

  8. I think Marigold is lovely 🙂

    If she wanted classic names, I would’ve suggested something like Margaret… Catherine (though that’s probably top 100)… Ellen… Clara… that sort of thing. Not “Saimi”!

  9. Juniper says

    The BEST resource for names is the “Popular Baby Names–Social Security Administration” website. The database lists the 1000 most popular boy and girl baby names for any year from a couple of years ago to 1880.

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