Are you excited about the royal wedding?

I’m not.  I thought I would be, but actually, I’ve realised I don’t care at all.

I think it’s actually all the hype.  And the fact that they took sooooooo long to get around to it.  Seriously, I think they have been together longer than Mr Dreamy and I, and we’ve been married five and a half years!

I barely even have any interest in Kate’s dress.  Let’s face it, the girl is a boring dresser.  Everything she wears is boring.  Classy, tasteful, age appropriate, and boring.  Her outfits aren’t exquisitely tasteful, they are boring and tasteful.  They aren’t witty and clever and classy, they are boring and classy.  And they aren’t striking and age appropriate or timeless and age appropriate, they are boring and age appropriate.  Boring, boring, boring.

Gosh, I am a grim little miser this week aren’t I!

I guess the good thing about all her ensembles being so boring is that if her dress isn’t it will be all that much more exciting.

Anyway, while I am not at all excited about the royal weddings, I am very excited about weddings in general.  After all they usually involve pretty, or at least distinctive dresses.  And any excuse for pretty dresses is a good excuse.

So this week (and then some if I feel like it) is going to be all about weddings and wedding dresses.  Royal wedding dresses, iconic wedding dresses, historical wedding dresses, and just plain drool-worthy wedding dresses.  But I won’t be blogging about Kate’s dress unless she surprises us all and wears something that is actually interesting for once!

John Sloan, The Little Bride, 1906

And I won’t be getting excited about the royal wedding.  Unless the whole wedding party throws shoes at Wills and Kate as they leave the cathedral.  Then I’ll get excited about the whole thing.  Especially if one of the shoes is a darling pump circa 1906.


  1. I simply cannot muster much interest, although a goodly portion of Lexington is besotted. We’re quite Anglophilic here, you know.

    Very best,


  2. Natalie says

    I thought I would be more excited too.

    But I am REALLY excited for this week being wedding dress week on your blog!!!!!!!

  3. I afraid I can’t get excited about THE WEDDING either but then I’m far enough away from the hype. I don’t see it in the newspapers everyday etc. However, I do love weddings and wedding dresses so I’m looking forward to your upcoming week of wedding stuff:)

  4. I thought some of your draper/costumers would be holding a “design contest” for her wedding gown or something along those lines. A week of wedding gown posts sounds interesting too. I never got my dream wedding gown so I’m trying to learn how to sew better now to make a dream gown for my daughter someday.

    • Funny that you should mention it. I actually have a magazine from FOUR years ago where they ask NZ wedding gown designers to design her dress!

  5. I am still moping about not getting my invite to the wedding. The nerve of those Royals!
    Kate’s dress will probably be as bad, if not worse than Diane’s…a horrible example of British Fashion, they should go back to Elizabeth’s time…now THERE was something worth looking at!
    Look forward to you wedding dress blogs!

  6. I entered a contest to design Diana’s dress, the winner to go to the design closest to the actual gown on the day. Didn’t win, mine was FAR too classy, and that was from the imagination of a Georgette Heyer besotted 15 year old! Since that ugly, hidjus travesty of a FROCK, I have given up caring about what they wear. Far as I am concerned, Margaret is the only one who has had a decent dress in that family, ever. Fergie’s wasn’t so bad, but I think that it benefited from contrast with the Horreur Emmanuel of her poor sis in law.
    Anyway, I agree, it will be safe, safe, safe. So tasteful and uncontroversial as to make the Dean look like the real bride. Those C of E bishops really do look great in their robes!
    Why? Because she is boring in her taste. And, they are all paranoid that anything tooo extravagant will have the British public up in arms about the waste. And prevailing wedding fashion is so ridiculously understated anyway, anything too full on will jar. So, poor Kate is sartorially boxed in, every way.
    Perhaps Ms D, we could have designing dresses for her? Sketches to be submitted in jpeg format via link to your blog? Could be fun!

    • With two winners, 1 for the one who gets closest and the other voted on as the one she should have worn? Hmmmm…. May have to re-write tomorrows post!

      • Oh forget the one closest, let’s just do what we think she should wear! 🙂

    • Jay says

      My favorite photo of that dress is one with little flower girls looking like they are going to be sick all over that nasty train, as Charlie big ears trys to fake a kiss on Di. Sums up the whole day.
      I was only few weeks old but Mum proped me up to watch it.
      made me watch it again when big enough to get what was going on never liked any of it.

  7. Emily says

    Another on TeamWeddingApathy here. Though I will say that Kate’s sartorial taste makes her perfect to join the Royal Family.

  8. Elise says

    I wanted to be excited too–I even mulled about having a party where everyone wears a tiara and we make up a dignitary drinking game. But instead…

    Not that I won’t read every single post ever after the event.

    A week of fabulous wedding dresses sounds like so so so much fun! I really enjoyed the posts leading up to my own wedding! (Did you know that I made a scrapbook of all my dress inspirations?)

  9. Im tripping out over the “They aren’t witty and clever and classy, they are boring and classy.”
    I think she read up on some history of royal fashion and noticed a trend of decadence with some rulers. So she wants to play it safe to be on the people’s good side.
    Personally, God-willing, I was marrying into royalty, I would tastefully get my razzle-dazzle on.

  10. I was thinking of doing *a* post on royal wedding dresses and their far-reaching consequences for brides… It’s pretty interesting. I’ll leave it to you, though…

    Ahem. Perhaps I sense a little sour-grapes, then? Or maybe I was the only 13-year old American girl who dreamed of somehow winning over young William Wales?

    Also, remember Kate is a commoner. That accounts for much of the delay, and accounts for her being so incredibly careful. She HAS to show boring good taste or the pundits and her in-laws will gravely mutter about “what do you expect from a commoner?” I think they’re lovely. I’m not a royal watched, but I always think it’s nice when two people find happiness with one another. Think of Wills’ great-great uncle Edward VIII, who had to abdicate to marry Wallace Simpson.

    Anyway, I say give Kate a chance, as she grows into her role (and produces heirs), perhaps she’ll have the confidence to be witty and well-dressed. She could even make a few faux-pas.

    • No sour grapes here! I couldn’t think of anything worse than being married to the Prince of Wales! Besides, he has been balding since he was 16. And I adore Mr D.

      Actually…maybe that is why I am so uninterested in the wedding. I’m feel so sorry for poor Kate and what she is signing up for that I can’t get excited about it!

      I am happy that they seem happy with each other, but I’m pretty cynical about most of the widely touted royal romances (Diana and Grace Kelly come to mind), especially the relationship between Wallis and Edward VIII. If what they had is true love and a healthy relationship I’ll take being the crazy cat lady spinster!

      I know she has to be incredibly tasteful and classy, but I don’t think that has to mean boring.

      • I doubt that anyone, royal or commoner, have perfect love stories. I figure that there will always be good and bad, and it’s up to the parties involved to decide how much of the bad to put up with… Something like that.

        Oh well, maybe 13-year-old me saw him as a poor tragic figure- a motherless prince from myth. I was deeply steeped in Fairyland at that age.

        Everything else aside, I find the royal wedding interesting because a quick look back over 500 years of British/western history will show you what a dramatic and far-reaching effect royals have over weddings. Or is that time of influence at an end? Maybe so, but I doubt it considering the media saturation of this wedding. I heard a rumor she was using ethical fabrics and practices in order to raise awareness, but who knows…?

      • Lol. With him being the Prince of Wales, personally I could live with the baldness.

    • “Or maybe I was the only 13-year old American girl who dreamed of somehow winning over young William Wales?”

      Me too!!

  11. I like learning about them, as people, but their wedding….notsomuch. I care most about her dress, but it will probably be pretty but safe. A nothing-to-write-home-about dress; something we’ve seen on a million other brides a million times before.

    I kinda want to watch the wedding only because it’s a piece of history, but probably won’t be able to wake up in time to catch it live. Oh well I guess.

  12. Well, as a pro-monarchist (aka pro-constitutional monarchy) Canadian I actually AM interested in The Wedding. I don’t know if I’d say I’m excited, but I really hope they make a good go of it. The monarchy needs some stability in that regards.

    Maybe it makes me boring, but I rather like Kate’s outfits – the very few I’ve seen anything of. And I’m interested to see what her wedding dress will be like.

    I also happen to be in the middle of making my own wedding dress for the end of August, which I tell people is a synthesis of Vera Wang and the movie version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (the primary influences). So I can’t help but be interested in other wedding dresses this year.

    Finally, I am co-hosting an afternoon tea in honour of the wedding, where there will be a prize for the best/worst hat! I’m very excited about that!

    • Oooh! Your dress sounds fabulous! I can’t wait to see the finished project! And your tea sounds fun and exciting too. That type of thing I would be excited about, because it is something you can actually get involved in. I have a friend that is having a housewarming the day after the wedding, and the theme is royal wedding, and I’m excited about that – but I would be if the wedding itself wasn’t happening. I guess I don’t feel like I know Wills and Kate, so I can’t get excited about them.

  13. Jay says

    Yes! they are so Boring I am sick of hearing about them.
    The pair are like Vanilla Custard so Boring it hurts, give them a posh name like Crème anglaise but they are just plain old Vanilla flavoured sauce. You might like them but realy not that much.
    if they were normal people you would lose them at a party and hang out with the younger bro. At lest Harry would streak though the party or something just as random.
    You would never know what he would wear to the party and wouldn’t call it boring or tasteful.

  14. Gosh! I can’t believe no one is excited! I’m from America, and some friends and our family will be getting up at 3:30am to watch it live. We are complete anglophiles. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

    1- weddings are awesome
    2-royalty is awesome
    3- why not a royal wedding?

  15. Elise says

    What kinds of polls will be up before the wedding? I can think of all kinds of things that we can opine about during the days leading up!

  16. Madame Ornata says

    I really don’t care as I don’t even know when it is lol.

  17. MizzNibz says

    I agree!! Not the sort of dress someone in her position should have selected for such an important occasion. Either she is attempting to be austere as the world is facing economic crisis (in which case it comes across contrived ) or she does not fully understand her new role. Not sure which?

  18. Demented Seamstress says

    Nope, not excited in the least. Royals are only interesting to me if they’ve been dead for at least 50 years.

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