Family wedding photos

Here are some random family wedding photos from Mr D’s maternal side.  Sadly, we don’t even know exactly who some of the brides and grooms are, or when the wedding was.

This is probably the oldest.  They are a rather sad looking group aren’t they?  And we aren’t even sure it is a wedding photo – only the small bouquet carried by the seated woman and the posy in the standing woman’s belt hint at that.  The photo does reveal one dirty little family secret though.  See those trees in the background.  Yep.  Eucalyptus.  Some of Mr D’s ancestors came from Australia.  *wink*

A wedding group, ca. 1895

This photo is much more ‘bridal’, but the bride looks just as unhappy!  Poor thing!  Don’t you just love her huge sleeves though?  And the little boy lying awkwardly at the front of the group?

Wedding group, ca. 1895

I think that the man in the light suit is the same man as in the first photo (those ears rather give it away!) and the boy sitting in front of him may be the same boy as above, a few years older.  Is the bride the same as the standing woman?  It’s possible.

Moving into the 20th century,  I think this is the wedding of Mr D’s great-great aunt, and that is his great-grandfather (the brides brother) on the far left.  I might be wrong though.

Wedding group, 1920s

I’m madly in love with the brides dress and shoes.  The crossover bodice with the tassled bow at the hip.  The stunning brocade satin.  And those tiny, tiny feet! And aren’t the flower girls bubble sleeves and collar so quaint and cunning?

Wedding group, 1920s, detail of bride and flowergirl

And what wouldn’t you give for the bridesmaids picture hat?  Or just the chair she is sitting on!  And it looks like those are orchids in her bouquet.  Posh wedding that!

Wedding group, early 1920s, detail of bridemaid

In the next decade we get some more posh bouquets (though the brides calla lilies look rather sparse and awkward compared to the bridesmaids selection!) and some attractively asymmetrical hemlines.  Also some really sticky-outy ears.

Wedding party, early 1930s

And finally, later in the 1930s we get some rather slinky wedding dresses, and a groom that looks uncomfortably like Frankenstein.  I’m glad Mr D didn’t get those genes!

Wedding group, 1930s


  1. Elise says

    I love the smiling man in the back of the 1895 picture. What do you want to bet that he was the coolest uncle in the family? I love family photos. And of course, I just love the wedding dresses from the 20th century. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Mr D did do well avoiding some of the pitfalls of his genpool hehehe. But there are some delicious dresses and veils in there for sure!

  3. JPaper says

    Wow, my family has a 1926 wedding photo that looks almost exactly like that… the Queen Mother garlands for the bride, the short dress, the composition… the dress is a little shabbier, matte fabric rather than satin, and the groom has a rounded collar rather than a wing collar (although he’s obviously stretched to a new suit, hat a gloves, of which he looks very proud). It’s really spookily similar. Thanks for the find! My photo, of course, is English, though… presumably yours is American?

    • It’s amazing how universal wedding fashions (both dresses, and placement etc.) were even as far back as the 1920s isn’t it!

      These are from Mr D’s family, so they are either Kiwi or Australian. The horseshoe is a dead giveaway that it has to be British!

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