Felicity loves Mr Dreamy

She really loves him.

She really, really loves him.

In fact, sometimes I think that she is plotting of a way to get rid of me so she can have him to herself.

See, doesn’t that look like a plotting face?  Or at least a possessive face?

This is my Mr Dreamy!

He has me, and I have him!

Mine, all mine.

She’s probably glad that I am away camping.




    • Actually, I have come home and she has learned to appreciate what she was missing! Absence does make the heart grow fonder, as she has been very cuddly with me!

  1. jackiead says

    Felicity certainly does have that look of purrrect love and adoration for Mr Dreamy. And it looks like it is mutual.

    • I know that look, I “endured” three years if it from Eddie, peering smugly at me from David’s knee.
      It’s simple. Men park themselves in front of the TV and so make excellent cat pillows. We jump up and down and do hand sewing, NOT making us ideal cat pillows.
      Cats leave loyalty, devotion and love to dogs. Cats are all about what’s in it for them!

  2. That last pic reminds me of Ernst Stavro Blofeld from “You Only Live Twice” (James Bond movie)

  3. I’m glad she’s appreciative of your return! We have one cat who just likes The Man better. He’ll deal with The Lady if she’s the only one home, but he gets a bit petulant when The Man has been gone awhile. And when we had another Lady Houseguest staying with us, he got quite uptight, thinking, I believe, that we’d replaced The Man with another Lady 🙂

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