19th Century

Jeanne Samary’s book: Charlotte’s Treats

It’s really hard to get ahold of a copy of Jeanne Samary’s children’s book  Les Gourmandises de Charlotte (Charlotte’s Treats), which is really a pity, because it sounds charming, and the illustrations are adorable.


Little Charlotte is a greedy, unruly little child.  She won’t eat anything but sugar!

Naughty Charlotte!

Her mother tries to tempt her with all sorts of delicious, nutritious food, but Charlotte just says “Non”!

A doctor is called to warn her, but does Charlotte listen?


Without nutrition, Charlotte begins to shrink…

and shrink….

and shrink…

…until she becomes so little that she is smaller than a rat.

Indeed, she is so small that she becomes the servant to a rat!

Poor naughty Charlotte!

Charlotte is so distressed that she begins to eat.

She eats…

and eats…

and eats…

She eats anything she can get her hands on!

She eats so much that she grows enormously fat, and can’t walk or play!

Poor naughty Charlotte!

Charlotte has too many treats!

Will Charlotte ever learn to eat the right amount of the right kind of foods, and be a happy, healthy child?   I think the book cover might give it away!



  1. omg i totally want this book for my daughter charlotte! she eats nothing but sugar! though i doubt it’s been translated…..

    • Not only is it not translated, it’s out of print, and when copies do come up at auction they sell for a lot. 🙁 I want it too!

  2. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blogger award! Just go to my blog to check it out! 🙂

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