Rate Kate’s dress

Last week’s wedding dress divided you into three groups.  Those of you who were madly in love, those of you who thought it was just a little blah, and finally, those of you who thought it looked like an ice skating costume.  Luckily for the dress, the majority of you were in group 1, and it rated a 7.5 out of 10.

This week, instead of the usual ‘rate the dress’ let’s look at the entries for the ‘design a dress for Kate‘ contest.  She may not wear what we decide, but hopefully she won’t wear an ice skating costume!

Below are the three entries (click on the images for a larger view).

Entry A:

Entry B:

Entry C:

Now that you have seen all the gorgeousness on offer, you can vote on your favourites.

But wait!  This is a vote with a difference.  I asked Mr Dreamy to contribute to the blog and he suggested that for a fairer voting system we use a single transferable vote system (Mr D knows the names of every voting system ever created off the top of his head).

What does that mean?  It means that you rate the three dresses in order from your favourite (the one you most think Kate should wear), to your least favourite.  Your favourite gets 3 points, your second choice 2, and your 3rd choice 1 point.

So get rating!  (and stop flagellating yourself for not submitting your own entry in time!)

Ratings close 12 Noon NZST on Friday 29th.


  1. Gorgeous entries! My vote is Entry B: 3, Entry A: 2, Entry C: 1

    Oops! I missed the deadline- and I just finally concreted what I wanted last night. lol. Oh well, maybe I’ll still draw it out anyways. hehe.

  2. So hard to choose! Ok, here are my votes:

    First: A – 3 points
    Second: B – 2 points
    Third: C – 1 point.

    I really like B, but A makes me think “modern day princess” which, I suppose, is what Kate will be. So A wins, but B is a close second. That being said, I think C is closer to a style Kate may actually pick – classy and simple.

  3. Karen says

    First: C – 3 points
    Second: B – 2 points
    Third: A – 1 point

    What a wonderful challenge to imagine yourself in! (The exposure the actual designer is about to experience is mind-bending!)

    I agree with T. Sedai. I can see Kate selecting Design C for its simple elegance and nod to the history of the Strathmore Tiara as it incorporates the floral design in the embroidery. My taste is very much in this direction!

    The other designs are really lovely too!

  4. A:3 B:2 C:1

    I like B the best for myself, but I think A would look best in a huge cathedral 🙂

  5. Lisa says

    I’m voting by Kate’s style and not my own. I agree with T. Sedai about C:

    1. C – 3 points
    2. A – 2 points
    3. B – 1 point

  6. Marcia Connelly says

    C…3 Points. I love the lines of the dress and the classic design looks like Kate’s style.

    A…2 Points. Kate is a princess and the dress definitely is fitting for a princess.

    B…1 Point. I love dupioni silk and lace

  7. I had just gotten my whip out when I read “stop flagellating yourself.” I can’t really draw. I need to take some classes.

    Why does Mr. D know all the voting systems out there?

    • I know the name for every sewing technique or dress style, Mr D knows all the voting systems. Everybody has their thing 🙂

      About drawing, they do make templates for help with designing dresses. Or you can just play cut and paste – borrow a bodice from this designer, a hem from this dress, a picture of this fabric.

  8. D'Agnes , San Francisco says

    Really impressed with all of them but am going to say:

    1.) C
    2.) A
    3.) B

    The one I think Kate would choose has to win. C has a classic elegance and I think matches her chaste personality.

    (Good job, all)

  9. First choice is C! I love the attention to detail!

  10. Emily C. says

    My vote:
    1 – B
    2 – A
    3 – C

    I appreciate B’s uncovered-arm boldness!

  11. Elise says

    Wow! What pretty fun dresses! I just can’t choose!

  12. Frecklehead says

    1 – A
    2 – C
    3 – B

    Such lovely ideas!

  13. Nice to see Mr Dreamy participating, albeit in an advisory capacity… 😉

  14. My vote goes for

    Although to be honest I think they are all small dresses for a HUGE Cathedral… you need a train of about 20 feet long… It’s a very long church aisle and in order to not disappear or look really tiny and perhaps a little ‘sad’ you do have to go very big and bold. It is also an important dress – a future queen’s dress which will be put into a museum and preserved for all time … it should be chock full of symbolism… embroidery detail with significance – initials of her and William plus her family crest and perhaps his too. I would bet my boots that she has not been ‘allowed’ to have anything too simple – you think Royal brides get to choose what they want? Well, to a degree perhaps, but then again, it’s a modern world and maybe she is strong enough to buck the trend. We shall see!

    • Intersting isn’t it? Her train was only two metres and it did look just a little undersize for the space but it still worked. Di’s was too long, out of proportion. I’d have gone for another 1/2 metre just for the heck of it but I loved how it had the sweep of line from the skirt shape out to the back. 🙂

    • This would be because it is inspired by the 1950’s, and I chose that style of drawing to emphasise it, and of course the movie is from then and is all drawings, so it stands to reason. I’ve made a wedding dress very like Sleeping beauty’s, not in blue and pink splatter mind you, but with that collar. It was very nice 🙂 For its time anyway 🙂

  15. Natalie says

    Good job everyone!


  16. Madame Ornata says

    Gosh all are gorgeous but as I have to decide, my preference is this order.
    1st: A
    2nd: B
    3rd: C

    However I think Kate herself is more likely to choose a gown similar to A or C

  17. A3 C2 B1
    I think what makes A the most appealing to me is the very elegant neckline. It’s hard to decide between the other two, though… I guess it’s the tiara and embroidery and full skirt that win in the end, although I love the way the veil is worked on B… very similar to what I’d love to wear myself one day. 😀

  18. Rose says

    I am watching the wedding now and am blown away by how similar Dress A is to Kate’s actual dress!

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