Something blue

Some fabulous blue wedding dresses and accessories

Blue & white shoes (shown with blue chopines), 1740s, Met

Fan 1770-1790, Powerhouse

Wedding dress, 1857, Bowes Museum

Blue boots, 1870s, Met

Necklace and earings, 1850, London, V&A

Wedding dress, 1860, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Slippers, 1835-40, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Shoe buckles, 1750, V&A

Blue shoes, 1957, Christian Dior, Met

Wedding dress, 1868, Met

Sapphire ring, 1850, V&A

Blue slippers, 1815-20, Vandervell, Met

Blue feather fan, 1850s, Met

Wedding dress, Bonwit Teller, 1916, Met

Blue shoes, Hellstern and Sons, 1921, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fan, late 19th, Met

Wedding dress, Bowes Museum, 1932

Queen Victoria's wedding tiara

Blue shoes, ca 1776, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Drawstring wedding purse, 1833, Agnes Thompson, Powerhouse


    • Apologies, that was somewhat unclear. According to my book on the Royal jewel collection, it is sometimes called the ‘wedding tiara’ because she posed for Winterhalter in it and her wedding dress. She did indeed wear a wreath of orange blossoms on her actual wedding day. Thanks for the clarification!

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