Dear Felicity

There is a warm spot in front of the heater just a few metres to the right of you.  Mr Dreamy’s lap is just a few metres to the left.

So why, oh why, do you insist on sitting firmly in the middle of the fabric I am trying to work with!?!

Naughty kitty!


  1. Miss Felicity has a flair for celebrity, perhaps, and knows how to urge you to pull put the camera. Look at her adorable petite paws,placed just so, after that last post wherein she fought a hat…and won. Part tomboy, part diva!

    Very best,

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  2. I recently read that cats basically domesticated themselves by imposing their presence on puny humans and demanding food and shelter in return for the pleasure of their company. (March ? National Geographic) It makes so much sense…

    Such a fluffy pretty thing. She can sit wherever she wants and she knows it.

    • I read that in Terry Pratchett’s Unadulterated Cat. 😀

      And Felicity’s behaviour is oh so familiar. Cats tend to choose exactly the spot where they’d be the biggest obstacle and will be most noticed (if they wish to; alternatively, they’re also great at choosing spots no one will find them in). Sitting in the tightest spot of the house everyone has to go through, for example.

      (BTW, blue fabric wins by overwhelming majority in your poll. Very interesting! I voted blue, too, but I thought there would be others who would choose brighter and warmer colours. Apparently, people have other preferences… I wonder what those are.)

      • Terry Pratchett and Nat Geo! I love it!

        I like blue, but green is my favourite single colour, especially for fabric. I do own a huge amount of barely-there and white shades that Mrs C loves to tease me about though 😛

  3. Taylor says

    Owning cats seems to be an ironic habit among sewers! It’s like we’re asking for them to come sit on our fabric. (Or patterns, or walk around by the sewing machine, or stick their noses in pinboxes…)

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