19th Century

Madame Ornata as Aline

For our last photoshoot Madame Ornata borrowed my ‘By the Seashore’ ensemble and went as Aline.

It’s fun to see the ensemble on someone else, and it fits Madame O better than I because the skirt is a bit short on me.

And she got to try out the new bonnet!

Madame O strikes a jaunty pose

Madame O turns into Mary Poppins

A great skirt shot

Peek a boo!

This reminds me of all the bench portraits that Renoir and Manet painted

The hat ribbons! The jacket pleats! The skirt ruffles! I'm so in love!

Madame O really reminds me of Aline in this image

Hello lion!

Nice kitty


  1. Oh! She looks perfect! I especially like the bench portrait one 🙂

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