18th Century

The finished pen en l’aire (finally!)

As promised, Madame Ornata’s lovely, gorgeous, sublime pet en l’aire.  With lovely, gorgeous, sublime pictures by Sarah (aka Diana Villiers) ’cause the ones I took on this photoshoot weren’t nearly as good!

Don’t you love the colours?  And the hat?

The hat sure is something isn’t it?  That veiling goes past her waist!

And look at the beautiful detailing on her stomacher!  She made the silk roses herself (mad handsewer) and the ruffle is real metal silk.

Clearly, Madame O’s stays are doing a good job 😉

Every proper 18th century photoshoot should involve a session on the swing!  The rubber matting isn’t exactly historical, but her joy sure makes up for it!

Standing on the pier at Bath perhaps?  The Georgians did like the seaside!

More seaside fun

Some very improper behavior for an 18th century lady!

For more fabulous photos from the pet en l’aire shoot, check out the rest of Sarah’s  livejournal.  Especially these ones.


  1. I adore it! I love the last photo, running on the beach, so cute <3 !

  2. That pier shot could almost have been the end of the lower Cobb at Lyme Regis, famous from the French Lieutenant’s woman and Persuasion. 🙂

  3. Elise says

    I don’t know what’s more delightful–her dress, or her ‘I-did-it’ grin! Great pictures, great dress!

  4. Madame Ornata says

    Aw thanks everyone (blush), I fair glow with the delightful feedback. I have seen and been much inspired by your collective work so I am happy and humbled to have such lovely praise.
    The whole ensemble has taken a long while, I started with little experience and much enthiusiasm. However, I am lucky to have such a patient and knowledgeable friend as the Dreamstress, This project would not have been possible without her very kind help.
    I can now bask in the warm contentment of completing a long and heartfelt task. And I think I can now safely say that I am no longer a historical costuming virgin.

  5. Stella says

    Wow! That is really something. I am impressed.

    • Madame Ornata says

      Why thank you kindly (beaming smile)

  6. What a couple of wild and crazy guys you two are, and what a wonderful achievement completing that gorgeous gown, you look absolutely divine Madam, and I am in awe of you. Life is for the living and you have documented a life of wonder and creativity in this one simple photo shoot, all power to the both of you. Much love Jo Jo.

    • Madame Ornata says

      Aw Jo Jo aren’t you just the sweetest thing. I am touched and happy in response to the warm thoughts you share. I totally agree life is for living and sharing with good people. I am kucky to be surrounded by folk I both admire and love to hang out with – you can’t get better than that. Much love back to you 🙂

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