The Corset Model Class of 2011

I got photographs of all the models wearing their corsets on Saturday against a plain cement wall.

Every time I have looked at the photos since then, I have cracked up.

They remind me of the kind of pictures you take in Elementary School for a ‘me, myself, and I’ project.

You have the kid who can’t stop grinning, the kid who closes their eyes in every picture, the kid who won’t smile because they think they look better without one (that would have been me), the kid who won’t stand still for even a moment, and the kid who probably should have been a model.

We all look ridiculous, and absolutely gorgeous, all at the same time.  It’s a total celebration of personality, and all the different facets of beauty that exist.

Without further ado, I present Ms Oakes’ Corset Model Class of 2011.

Aren't we cute!?!

Madame Ornata in her amazing new stays, and a smile so big she can't keep her eyes open

Mme Denise Poiret II does a happy dance in an 1860s crinoline

Sarah looks beyond glamorous in a bustle

Vanessa show off her amazing figure, and fabulous arms (I want those arms!), but she won't smile

Miss Chiara does a Gibson Girl with a figure to rival Camille's

Miss Emily. Corset. Hourglass. Nuff said.

Nini is avant garde, and impeccably poised

And finally, the erstwhile instructress:

Yeah. I still have smiling problems

Ladies, you can teach me anytime!


  1. I’m not that into smiling either. Such lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! (You’re so right about representing the various aspects of beauty.

  2. You all look wonderful! It’s so nice to see different shapes and sizes. They all look beautiful!

  3. Lyn Swan says

    I have been pouring over and through your blog/website since I found it six months ago. I have learned so much from you…historical costuming, designers, fabric and finishing techniques. The list is long and will continue as I am now a devoted fan. I do want to tell you that, I am an amateur sewer, having costumed a few community theatre productions. One of the problems I have had is having costumes not look accurate to the period. I now realize that one of the problems is that I failed to pay attention to appropriate undergarments. Because of your beautiful corsets and the historical information on what was worn beneath those lovely dresses of yore, I now have a place to start. Thank you for your knowledge, your teaching skill and your dear heart, which shines through in every thing you do. Lyn

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