Black and white delight

Remember the darling black and white flowered and spotty faux ribbon corset I blogged about  back in May?

Well, last week I finally had the time to sit down and do the tiny bit of handsewing to finish it off.  Yay for finished projects!

All it needed doing was hand stitching along the front busk to hold it more securely.  It’s really quite pitiful that it took me so long to do that.

I really like the effect of the hands stitching on the front.  It adds a nice handmade touch, and contributes to all the different graphic stripes and spots and splotches and flowers going on with this corset.  And makes it look even more like something from a Tim Burton film.

The corset isn’t looking its best on little Isabelle.  She’s only a size 10, and this corset is more a size 14+, so it is massively pinned in the back and doesn’t show off the right curves.  I need to do a proper photoshoot with it on a model.



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